This happened to me three days ago and since then I can't stop thinking about it.
Well, my cousin, our friend and me went out that night after waiting like 5 hours for my cousin to do the magnetic resonance imaging.
We went to the Baščaršija (which is like the center of the city Sarajevo - Bosnia and Hercegovina) and found a little coffee shop. It was 11 pm, when we decided to go home or at least go to the Tram station.
So we paid for the drinks and went on. As we were going down the streets of Baščaršija our friend got a strange text message and since she had no clue who the text message was from, she decided to give that person a call. But since she could hardly understand a word she suddenly shouted: "Sorry?! I can't hear you!"
At that moment three guys were passing by and their "group leader" looked at her (he wore a red T-shirt) and said: "Sorry, do you need help?"
But he actually didn't intend to help us or her, he was just joking and though he looked very serious I could detect a smile on his face.
My cousin and her didn't say a word, but Berry (our friend) replied: "No, just leave us alone!" and she went on.
Since I was very interested in who had sent her the message on the phone I was walking next to her and my cousin was left behind but very close to us and the three guys were walking next to her.
They were saying things like: "If you don't mind, we'll be walking together with you" and the guy wearing the red T-Shirt was flirting with my cousin and said: "If I can guess your name you have to tell me your surname" but all of us three were sure that he and his friends could never guess her name and I can't remember how they did it but somehow they found out her name and we were shocked, but then we were laughing very hard. Of course, we didn't tell them my cousin's last name, since we both share the same surname and after a while they accepted this fact but continued to "follow" us.
Then the guy in red asked for the eldest person of us, and I raised my hand and smiled a bit.
They smiled too and said stuff like: "Aww, that's cute. The shortest person is the oldest."
Then one of his friends (and he was actually the prettiest and cutest and most interesting one out of them) who was wearing a white T-Shirt asked me for my age and when I told him my age, he asked for my name. I told him my name and he said: "Nice to meet you, I'm xyz" and he reached out his hand to me. I looked at him and smiled a bit, then reached out my hand to shake it but - guess what? - he kissed it.
I was so embarrassed and couldn't stop laughing and ran away expecting him to go back to his friends, but he followed me, though my cousin, Berry and his friends were far behind us.
He told me to not run away and smiled and we waited together for the others to come closer.
The guy in red continued flirting with my cousin, but she was just cold, while Berry was texting and trying to find out who wrote the text message to her, while the third guy was kinda shy and didn't say a word.
Now, all four of them were walking infront of me and the guy in the white T-Shirt. I didn't care, though I'm actually pretty shy when it comes to boys.
Anyways, the boy was trying to hug me all the time and he was trying to put his arm around my shoulder but I was just laughing and trying to escape, but I was actually enjoying it.
Eventually, our ways had to divide and while the four of them were talking about some random stuff the guy in white looked at me in a weird but very cute way.
I was really surprised and somehow shocked when he asked for kissing me.
Actually I'm not that type of person who will allow a total stranger to kiss me but idk I was just thinking - **** it, who knows if this will happen ever again?, just enjoy the time spending in Bosnia while you still can (since we're going back to the country where I was born), so just let him kiss you! -
and he finally kissed me and it was such a weird but also a really great feeling and after this he asked me for kissing him.
I did it but I just kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and seemed very happy and whispered: "You're cute" and eventually our ways did part.
Since then I couldn't stop thinking about it and no, I didn't fall in love with him, though I'd love to get to know him.
Anyways, I'm so... idk. that I didn't ask for his number or something.
I found him on facebook and , but I don't want to add him, 'cause I'm afraid he might think that I like him or something weird like this.
I asked him anonymously stuff like: "How do you know [My Cousin's Name]?" or: "I've seen you with your friends on friday night and I'm sure [My Cousin's Name] was with you guys." and blah blah
but he keeps answering with: "Who is [My Cousin's Name]? :o" or "I really don't know, I swear :D"
and I'm not sure if he's lying or he was drunk, so he can't remember (though it's almost impossible that any of them was drunk, not even a bit!)
and I'm 100% sure, that he's that guy from Friday night.

Even though I'm not in love with this stranger, I would really like to have contact with him, because I have made one more great memory of Summer 2014 and I will definitely never ever forget this.
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Aug 18, 2014