It's Been A While Since I Wrote A Dorky Story...

I don't know why it didn't occur to me to write it out here, but now that it has, let this little tale begin! :D

It was last week at work. I was asked to throw away this giant box in the dumpster in the back of the facility so I grabbed it and started heading for the back door of the building. The thing is, the box was twice my size and lifted up, even tripled.

The door was open in the back, but when I tried to get through it, the top part of the box hit the roof of the door and it sent me reeling backwards from the impact, causing me to hit the floor on my *** trying to hold on to it. That was the first time I landed on my ***. XD
Thankfully nobody was in the back so they didn't see my fall.

After that, I didn't try to lift it up out the door again. I just pushed it out the door and then I get out and try to lift it again to get to the dumpster. Whoever was walking nearby could probably only see a giant box with legs in the bottom walking around since it was too tall and too wide to be able to see anything else.

I couldn't see where I was going, but I know where the dumpster was located so I started heading in the direction of the dumpster when BAM! I hit something with the box and again went falling backwards on my ***. What did I hit this time? A stupid parked car that happened to be in my path. I didn't see it until I fell down, the box straddled between my legs looking as if I was screwing around with it.

I get up again and again lift up the box. I was just a couple more feet from the dumpster. I'm walking over and as soon as I'm in front of the dumpster, I try to go all Superman on it and left it up over my head as if it was nothing and just throw it down into the dumpster as if it were a basketball and I was trying to make a shot...

But it wobbled. And as it wobbled, I couldn't detain it. And I have poor balance. And as it tipped over backwards, it tipped me over backwards too until once again, I found myself with my bottom on the ground. After that I got all mad so I got up, lifted up the box again and this time managed to through it in. I don't know if my anger gave me the strength and the adrenaline to do it, but I finally managed to get it in there.

After that, I walked back into the building, my bum feeling like a busy telephone line and feeling very inadequate. For crying out loud, as tall and as wide and as empty as it was, it was still a damned box...
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Lol ob1, that's what I was thinking

Epic... xD