This happened a few times, obviously i never learned the first time haha.

about a year ago, when i lived in a different town, me and my roomates figured out the hard way  that our bathroom door knob was broken.

thinking it was a one time fluke, one by one we each at different times got locked in the bathroom. It wasnt so bad the first night, because i had my friend to break me out, and i broke her out lol.

the next day home alone, i was on the phone with a friend, went in the bathroom to do my hair and obviously didn't have enough common sense to remember about the door.  so i closed the door behind me when i entered the bathroom and instantly tried body checking the door...ya didnt work lol. so as i was horribly embarassed considering my friend laughed the whole time hearing me struggle, i asked her while panicking if she could come into my house and break me out of the bathroom.  It's a good thing she lived three houses down from me...but when she broke me out i was so embarassed LOL.

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it locked on its own.


You know, I have exACTLY that same problem, except it's with my /bedroom/ door handle being broken. I know that panicky feeling. :(

You should read Philip Roth's The Plot against America. There's a very funny, but touching scene where the narrator locks himself in the bathroom.

lol yes i was very lucky to have the phone..but the last time it happened i didn't have the phone. :(<br />
<br />
i fail haha