Pffft! All The Time.

I tend to get lost in areas I dont know...specially at night. I get disoriented and loose my sense of directions. And then I get distracted and miss my exists. I have for the longest mapquested directions to go to places I dont normally frequent. And then I would stop at Gas stations and 711 stores to ask people for directions. When I first started driving...I would get lost so bad. One time I just got off the freeway and really wanted to start crying coz I was so lost and I called my brother for directions. My brother in law helps me out too. I finally got a GPS. YUP! It's really one of the best gifts I've ever receieved. I have this older lady thats like a grandma gave me a GPS for my birthday. Amazing how a little gadget has simplified my life.
surrealreality surrealreality
31-35, F
Sep 5, 2012