I remember a time when i got lost in a mall i think i was 5 and it was Christmas.
I'm with my family that day and walking with them it was nice to see all those
decorations around, i just keep on walking and i mistakenly followed a sales woman,
I was separated with my family and i still keep on following the sales woman.
I wasn't crying nor sad that i got lost instead i kinda enjoying and the woman notices me
and took me saying "you stay here ok" i nodded. Even though she said that, i went walking 
again and saw i huge Christmas Tree and goes there. I was amaze of the huge tree looking
at a figurine of an angel and somehow i heard my mom's voice  which it is. I went to my family
smiling and the sales woman there too just arrive maybe she went looking for me.
All is happy
bunyum bunyum
18-21, F
Aug 6, 2010