My Sister Wants To Get Married At 18

I need some advice from people who have gone through this situation. I am 23 years old and currently finishing a masters degree in Engineering. I have a younger sister who is 18. She will be finishing a pharmacy tech program in 4 months.

After she finished high school she wanted to move in with her boyfriend and then attend a community college. I convinced her it was best to move in with me and go to school. Her boyfriend joined the marines and is now stationed 5 hours away from us. Now that she is finishing her 14 month program at the community college she wants to get married.

I feel she is rushing things and have shared my opinion with her. She doesn't agree with me and is firm on her decision to get married and movie in with him. She believes it is best for them to be together than to have a long distance relationship. They have been dating for two years and within those two years they have broken up twice.

I may not be the best councilor for her. All I can share with her are my own experiences. I have been dating my boyfriend whom I met at college for 3+ years. We both know marriage is in our future, but think its best to wait until we both are stable. All of the examples I have given my sister have not made her change her mind.

Is there any advice from other people who have experienced marriage at a young age? Would it be best for her to wait or is 18 a good age to get married?

I thank everyone for their comments in advance :)
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1 Response May 4, 2012

To be completely honest, I think that if she knows that they can make it work and that they have a loving relationship, they should get married if they want to! People put such a big stress on age when it's not about the age so much as it's about how healthy the relationship is. There are people that are in their 30's and divorce within the first year and then there are 18 year olds who get married and are married for the rest of their lives (and of course that can be swapped) Only she and he know if they can work it out, and if they can, then more power to them to get married! :D That's just my opinion on it though(: