"No Time Like The Present!" :P

I just got married three days ago. Most amazing day of my life. Just a really small wedding. Only 3O close friends and family. My dress was elegant yet simple. And he looked so nice in his tux. We had known each other for two years before then. I was his first everything... (literally). Our families got along great, We share the same friends. We had also been talking about marriage and having a life together for months. Then he popped the big question in our favorite part we go to at night to sit under this little red pavilion. Even though im 18 and he's 19, i dont think that it was a bad move at all, and that it wasnt too fast, as he says "No time like the present Chi Chi(my nickname)". I had always dreamed of getting married, but after a while I gave up on that whole dream due to the fact that all of the douche bags I dated before him were NEVER gonna get that serious with me... But then he came along, and I found hope again that there is someone out there made just for me, and I for him(or her, but it just so happen to be a him this time). I know that things will be okay. We were scared to at first, thinking that this would ruin the greatest relationship of our lives(mostly mine because he never dated before me), but we figured it couldnt be that bad, and that it would be just like our old relationship, only more... idk serious and legal?(not meaning in a statutory rape kinda way though) lol. But it was just the next step. We had done everything we could possibly do, the only thing left was marriage. Nothing feels all that different, just stronger love. Im pretty sure we'll make it, i have the up most confidence in us.  :)
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thanks so much! i believe there's someone for everyone, and your someone is sure to come along sooner than you think. i wish you the same as well!!

This is such an awesome story! Great happiness and true love! I dont know but Congratulations and I wish you to a lifelong journey of happiness, love, respect and friendship!! I wish to find my great someone someday too!! :) Enjoy your lives together!