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I am not going to lie, my story is unusual. I was 15, sitting in class, when I asked this girl I didn't really even enjoy talking to if she had any friends that she could hook me up with. She scheduled two dates for me, both guys at the same time and same place! That girl and I argued over it and how stupid that was, so I didn't even go...she went for me. But then, she mentioned a guy from the Christian school she used to attend. By that time, I was already talking to some loser. I wanted to be accepted. He added me on Facebook and messaged me, but I told him I was talking to another guy. Little did I know how discouraged he was. Things between me and the guy I was talking to just kind of dissolved randomly. I messaged the mysterious Facebook guy back, and he told me he would like to meet me. For the next 4 weekends, he would plan to meet with me, but cancel due to various reasons. I told him he had one last chance, and I he cancelled, I was done. That weekend, we met at the playground. I'm a small town country girl, so I was in my little boots and all prettied up. He was wearing shorts and a white t-shirt. He had just gotten done mowing grass, which he impressed me by because at 15 he had his own registered lawn care company. He made about 60,000 dollars a year between mowing apartment complexes and houses. I had no clue of that. As soon as we saw each other, we walked toward each other and he IMMEDIATELY grabbed my hand. I thought it was strange but I let him continue to hold it. He asked twice if he could kiss me, but I told him no. Then, as the sun was setting, we were dancing slowly with one another with no music. I spun around, then spun back in his arms and kissed him. That was his first real kiss. Today, he is broke. His lawn company kind of failed this past year for unknown reasons, and due to his dad, he is about 35,000dollars in debt. We no longer go on dates unless we have Gift cards, which is rare. He is homeless at the age of 17, but you would never know because he has a job that he wears a suit to every day. He has the job of his dreams, an his boss wants to pass the company down to him in later years. He whole paycheck goes to his dad. My family has accepted him as their own son. we have been together for almost 2 years, and our lives have changed drastically.He no longer goes to the Christian school, but does online schooling so he can work more for money he can't keep. He loves me with all his heart. The day we started dating, we became secretly engaged. I know it was young, but I don't regret it.No one to this day, except a few friends are aware that we are engaged. As for me, I stopped going to high school my senior year and started college early. We have huge hope for this year, as his lawn company is now half owned by his boss, and it will hopefully miraculously take off again this year. Our love for each other is stronger than any other. We spat like a married couple, but he will never let me go and vice versa.I have a ring that he gave m last July to make our engagement official. I tell people it's a promise ring. and here is the shocker: we have NEVER made love. we have come as close to it as possible, but we value our relationship with God and we want to save that moment for our wedding night. When people hear that I plan on marrying him someday, they think I'm crazy because I'm 17. But this is the first time that I have explained the whole story. If financial things go as planned this year, once we turn 18, we plan on getting married. Young marriage is a trial, but it is also a blessing,which is what God intended it to be. We have a few houses in mind, and with his boss paying for his college and the determination of us, I have no doubt that we will make it together. In my mind, I AM married. I have been for nearly two years, just not legally. and it's a shame that most people my age have ruined this for all the mature young couples. My fiance is a firefighter, a soon to be mortician and funeral director, a certified water rescuer and MET, and the best man in the world. My relationship with my other half is nothing short of a miracle.
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Your dedication to your faith is is so amazing and it is very important that you do stay strong. He seems like an amazing guy, don't let him go :)

I think that's such a sweet story how you me and good for you waiting till marriage. I met my boyfriend a year ago but after just 1 month of dating him we both knew we loved eachother. We've talked about getting married a lot and I really don't see a point in waiting other than being financially stable, but I know without a doubt he is the one for me and yes young marriage is a blessing from God. My boyfriend is also soon to be a firefighter so that's cool too :)