Did It and Learned a Lesson(an Expensive One)

I know people who have been married for so long and they got married at eighteen.But most of them are in their sixties and times have changed.It used to be that they married to survive,they married to take care of each other.Man brought bacon,woman cooked it. Now, marriage is almost just a novelty. Something that is just an option.I got married at eighteen, separated at twenty and divorced at twenty one.I think that for most people it is a mistake.At eighteen,you are just (finally)gaining complete independance and to jump into something that takes some of that away,well in the long run it will be held against one or the other during an argument. I feel that even though it can work, it usually does not.
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hi im 24 years old and have been dating the love of m y life who is also the same age for 6 years now.We so desparately want to gt marred but our families wont hear of it.They say our marriage is destined for failure..what do we do ,do we listen to them or just follow our hearts..

I was married at 19, he was 21. We have 3 wonderful boys! We were young, stupid and in love. 27 years later we are still married. A roller coaster at times, but hard work keeps us together, although sometimes I wonder if its worth it? Boredom and routine has taken over!

Well all I can say is...I'm sorry you feel that way...

I recently married my love who I dated for four years. I'm 18 now and started dating him at 14. I do think that marriage has less to do with age and more with what you put into the marriage.<br />
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I haven't been married long but my grandparents who are now 70 and 68 are still together. They were 17 and 19 when they married. 51 years together is amazing and I hope the same for myself and everyone who marries for love.

I recently got married in may. Ill be 19 in november and he just turned 19 in september. We have been together for 9 years this month. Yeah im not going to say its easy to be married this young but it was the right thing for us. We both have full time jobs and im currently pursing school. But if you get married for any other reason then for LOVE then your marriage is destined to fail, at any age. You just have to stand strong against the hateful comments that are slapped in your face alot. Its hurtful to have bets on how long youll make it. But im proud to say that BOTH of our families are our biggest supporters especially my grandparents who were married at 16 and 17 and are STILL together and strong.

We married at 19 and it lasted for 22 years and 3 children later before it broke down. Was it destined to break down just because we got married so early? We did pretty well but it still failed. I don't think it failed because we got married too young. It failed because we didn't try to work out our problems. Marriage is hard work and there are many hurdles. I have the deepest of respect for those that can keep going.

Of course, all that said and done, people can make a mistake in their marriage at any age. If you're right for each other, you're right for each other, and really that's all it ever comes down to.