My Daughter Got Me In a Bad Way Again

Call me stupidly hopeful but I forgave my daughter for ruining my life and making me homeless having to rent rooms for 2 months and causing me to lose over a thousand dollars.  I even helped her find a job, and bought her what she needed to do the work and was helping her to find a place for her and her 3 children and said that I would have the utilities turned on in my name since she couldn't do it because of her credit history.  So I finally get on my feet and I find a wonderful place to call home and I move in and I am of course short on funds so I ask my daughter for $40 to buy groceries and she said sure but she dogged me and let someone else have it.  I managed to get what I needed from my son. So that money runs it's course and I ask my daughter AGAIN to help me out with grocieries. She said yes and we had everything set up and I even texted her to make sure that she was still helping me. That was at twelve. The plan was for me to meet her at her job and proceed from there. I get on the bus with my little grocery cart and go to her job and they have been sent home early! She didn't call and she should have. I called that girl 4 times and she wouldn't even answer the phone! She jacked me!  I thought I was gonna have food for the rest of the month and she ran out on me! She knew she didn't want to help me and she should have said so!  She's a drug addict and I suspect that's what she was doing and didn't want me to see because I would react to it.  So now I have no money for groceries or anything else and I have no one else to ask.  I have lost 14 pounds in 17 days and that is not good as I have Systemic Lupus and need proper nutrition to stay in relatively good health.  I don't know what I am going to do once I run out of cup a noodles and I have 9 of those. I'm having one or two a day depending on how much my stomach hurts. They won't last long.  I can honeslty say that I love my daughter but I despise the things that she does. Her oldest child is due back on the twenty second and she has no money, no place to live, no furniture, no basic household necessities, and now no mother to support her and help her out.  She is truly a fool to have caused me even more harm on top of the other things that's she's done.  The other two children are due back on June 6th and they are all going to suffer because of her inability to take care of them.  Those drugs have control of her life and mind and she loves it more than she does her children. They were taken once and they will end up being taken again.  My sister wanted to take all 3 of them and give them a proper home and a balanced secure life but my daughter selfishly said no. She'd rather those kids be homeless hopping from one mans house to another like they did before than have them live with my sister. Unbelievable! Well, I've cut my daughter off now and she can't come to me for help anymore.  I won't get to see my grandchildren either because of her. She's like that. I call it simple mentality.

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May 9, 2007