Bachelor Degree In Paralegal What?

Well it is July 20th 2010 and I came home from studying for an exam. I sat down and my roomie had told me that I got a call from the school. I said, "Oh ya?"
He says, "Your diploma is in."
I look at the clock and say, "Let's go!!"
He says, "Finish your hot dog and pop and let's go."

We get in the car and I feel relief. I have heard so many horror stories about how people are short one class or forgot to submit a paper or owed the school money. I even have heard people not finishing school or going two or one quarter and quitting. I did not want to be that person but I almost was.

Through the middle of my schooling I started to feel sick and weak. I didn't understand what was happening to me. I started to hurt but it was hard to pinpoint where the pain felt all over and inside me. Three months later in the middle of fall quarter I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. If it wasn't for the professors and students, I would not have finished. They pushed me and told me to keep going. In fact, one of my professor would keep asking me to sign up for the next quarter and I told him that I was tired and burned out. He said, you can do it and you must keep going. So, I did.

I look back at those times and think to myself "WOW". If you are ever in this situation, you too must keep going. There were times when all I drank was coffee...all day long. There were days when I went into work so tired that I had to pop NozDoz to keep awake. There were days when I thought my health, family, friendships, my job and my insanity were in jeopardy. You must keep going.

I feel damn good about myself and I hope others will share their stories of what kind of experience they had to go through to get their degree.

I really don't want to go into the fact that I graduated at a really bad time. I want to embrace how good it feels to have graduated. To have a goal in mind and to go for it.
tanyasd tanyasd
36-40, F
Jul 20, 2010