Smacked For Stealing

i was 10 years old when i got caught stealing from my mothers purse. i was striped naked and told off in the living room in front of my brothers and sisters. mum kept slapping around the face and legs as she scolded me. i was then told to get over her knee where she smacked my bare bottom with her hand about 20 times until it is was red raw. I was trying not to cry as i was embarrassed enough. My mother took this as it wasn't hurting enough so she carried on smacking until i started crying.he must of smacked my bare bottom about 50 times. I was then placed in the corner still naked untill my father came home about an hour later. When he found out what i had done he took off his belt and put me over his knee and i was smacked about another 10 times with the belt. i was then sent to bed.
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What's sent to bed mean

What's sent to bed mean

Sounds like the spankings I got growing up!

How old were you when you received your last spank?

Ouch, twice in a day. Those are always the worst

Good spanking.

Yep. I was just like the way you where. at the same age I also took money out of my moms coin purse boy did I ever get it. :( My mom warmed my bottom with hand then used the brush. My dad was out of town.

You really brought to life how it was thought that those who are naughty could be corrected.

you got exactly what you deserved...

The way it should be!

DAW2012's comment shows how much things have changed. When I was a boy casual nudity was an everyday occurrence -at the age of 10 my mother still bathed me every night. She had me stand in the bath while she carefully washed every part of my body, and I just watched as she retracted my foreskin, cleaned the head of my penis and carefully put it back again. If that provoked signs of excitement, which sometimes it did, she would just laugh and say it was growing up. That's what mothers did - or in many cases should have done. If, then, she saw it as her duty to put me over her knee for a sound smacking, should she first ensure that I was demurely dressed? Of course not - the sensible thing was to put me naked over her knee and smack my bare bottom properly. I never expected anything different, and there was no intrinsic 'shame' in being naked -simply a concern that having a bare bottom this was going to hurt! <br />
Teaching children to be ashamed of their own bodies, such that undressing them is seen as some kind of assault, does them a profound disservice - both at the time but also in later life.


yea if it was me my mom would rip my *** apart with hairbrush an my dad would take belt to me also seems you got light spanking compare to my mom dad

u did not deserve that. u were just ten and ur dad did not have to hit u at all.

i agree all girls should be spank like boys for doing bad things she needed her panties down an spank goof for that

All of you leave the reply button on my ******* comment as I don't think she deserved it at all (: they ******* tortured her NAKED that's what I meant by she DID NOT deserve it. GOT ME NOW SADASTIC PPL (:

hey its all right - just ignore the cruel crazies they are not worth answering!

lol yeah thnx for agreeing with me !

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Way it should be!

How long was it before you could sit comfortably again? It must have hurt; did your father really have to belt you on top of it?