I Was Spanked On My Bare Bottom At 19!!

When I was 19, I thought it great fun to run topless, for a bet, through a lecture at college (university).

I was suspended for this.

When I got home mum was so horrified, she ordered me up to my room. With my boyfriend downstairs, she pulled a chair into the middle of the room.

"If you want me to continue your expensive education and plead on your behalf, you'll get those jeans down now".

My eyes watered, I knew what mum intended to do. She was going to spank me. Which was impossible. Fair enough when I was still at school. But not then. I was staying at university. I often stayed in my boyfriend's room. And she wanted to spank me.

I pleaded with her for some other punishment. But she was adamant. My jeans were so tight it took me a minute to wriggle them down. She put me across her knee and spanked me over my black panties until I was shrieking. My boyfriend downstairs must have heard. Especially when mum pulled my black panties down and I was wailing.

So embarassing. He must of left because I didn't seem him for a week I was so embarassed.

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I'm surprised he didn't creep upstairs to watch. Or maybe he did?

my mum always smacked me whenever I was bad, but never as a teenager. she always kept smacking my bum until I was crying but I would have died of embarrassment if I got spanked at that age. if I had been, then all the girls who found out would have laughed at me and teased me for ages.

Awesome story honey.
I love little masochists!

Quite frankly I think your boyfriend should have spanked you, if I EVER did anything like that my *** would be sore for a looooooong time lol

And who would spank you?

my boyfriend

Imagine how you'd feel if your mum spanked you in front of your boyfriend!!

I'd be embarrassed but I know she wouldn't b/c he would ! ;)

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That must have been awful?

It was awful

I would have died if I got spanked in front of a girlfriend!

I wonder if your lecturers thought about spanking you......

I'm sure they would. I was an absolute brat!

I'm sure I would

And nobody seems able to do anything about it...

Do you know anybody then?

I've very big hands to teach you a lesson. I'm sure that would help!


Yep really. Very good for grabbing & holding wayward girls down before teaching them a lesson!

Sounds promising

I wonder how much you'd struggle... Or would you give in easily?

Just sent you a pic of what I wore to a party the weekend.... Oh I'd definitely kick and struggle..

Oh good, I like a girl that struggles, knowing the inevitable will happen when she wears herself out!

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Very nice ...now you will behave!

Maybe, maybe not. What are YOU going to do about it?

Dear Sammy, Happy to make you behave! Phil

<p>pretty hot story</P>

I hope she tanned your *** red you naughty little ****. Showing off your **** to all those strangers after she pays to put you thru an education. If it had been me you would have been bare *** from the start and I probably would have used my leather belt.

Don't you like my breasts?

Of course I do but it is disrespectful to your mother to parade them around at a school she paid for you to attend. You are lucky you able to sit down. If I had been the one punishing you then you would have been standing a lot or laying upon your stomach.

Would be soooo embarassing

It would have been more embarrassing for you if I had smacked your bare *** in front of your boyfriend. He would have saw how you were forced to lay down across my knee and have your panties pulled down and watched me as I tanned your *** for your behaviour. When I was done I would have made you stand up and apologize to him for your disrespectful ways.

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sorry for that
but you deserved that but she shouldn't pull you pantiess down

How nice! You are still very young not to have a spanking over your mothers knee.

I would been also be So embarrass if my partner was down stairs hear me get spanked

Nice!Good for mom sounds like u needed that spanking for sure .U probably needa couple more ;)

Are you kidding!! If I sent you a picture of how I looked at 19, I'm sure you'll think I was too old to be spanked.

Too old to be spanked ? Oxymoronic statement dear. You know exactly what you need and how often, don't you?

Ahh, too old to be spanked? You mean for if it's by your mother right? And do you really think that or are you just kidding? Of course I can't tell one way or the other and it might really be that she shouldn't have spanked you like that when you were nineteen but so far it sounds to me like it was probably ok whether you like it or not.
And besides that it sounds to me like it was probably correct and just what you deserved what with the way that you are.

This was well deserved!