I Get My Panties Pulled Down.

I get my panties pulled down, before I get spanked while others are watching. 


It is even more degrading get watched with pulled down panties like a little girl, than to take off my panties completely. 
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being seen bare *** is part of it my dad told sisters when they complained bout being spanked bare *** from age 13 to 21

I agree; it is much more degrading to have your panties pulled down for you by the person about to spank you than if you pulled them down yourself.

Frequent times like that most certainly made me feel age-regressed!

But what's the only alternative? Pulling them down yourself. And, of course, that is often just too embarrassing to contemplate, especially if other siblings, family or guests are present.

Eventually (again, assuming one even was given that choice), the parent will grow impatient and pull down your panties for you.

And that just reinforces the age-regressing factor one is feeling because it's the result of you being unable to make a decision, just as a little girl or boy would have trouble making.

Having already been told one was misbehaving like a little girl and knowing that you are now about to be punished like a little girl, the adding feeling of being incapable of undressing yourself for that punishment reinforces the feeling of basically regressing back to being a little girl.

I have to take mine down

It is part of your punishment so get used to it. You should be made to take your own panties down before you go over the knee for a spanking

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Bare Bottom Bognor Caning Over Bar Stool By Female Friend!
By: Me
She farted with the last stroke, grinned, and told me next time it would be right in my face.
By: Me
Written on September 11th, 2012

What she did was an act of female power conducting, the opposite of man-hating!
There was nothing detached about it, and i experienced nothing of what she did as being cruel, or in any shape or form wrong.
Like most Dutch girls she is a natural born feminist without ever having to read a word about it: it's in her DNA and I'm glad of it!

(I walked her through similar experiences I had with pro doms years ago; I stopped seeing pros once I learned enough to train amateurs to go through the events with me! This was the first caning Leah ever gave, but certainly not the first one for me to receive. It was much safer than two amateurs going at it for the first time! If you accuse me of taking her "virginity" as a corporal punishment administrator, you must also admit i did get my hide tanned for it!)

Caning was still legal throughout my childhood, and I was horrified of it.
As an adult, one Saturday afternoon in August, naked, I bent over a bar stool and touched the floor in front of me with the tips of my fingers.
The effect was to spread my bare buttocks wide apart completely exposing the sitting muscles, soon for a time to be less comfortable for sitting on.
Dutch pretty, sincerely polite, considerate, utterly charming, ever so girlie girl Leah gave me six-of-the best.
With black electrical tape I had wound around the stem just before the crook handle so as to give her a good grip on it, and to make it a true English school--I had it shipped over from England--"Bognor," she used the 5/16" rattan.
This was the first time she had ever even held a cane in her hands, but she knew what she was doing because she had listened to the instructional audio, Miss Marianne Martindale's "The Art Of Caning."
Strong, flexible, fluid, whippy, good "crack" and a good "fall" to it, there were low whooshes and six loud smacks.
And, six tramlines on my bottom afterwards.
With each stroke, there was a caress across my bare bottom, followed a few seconds later by the pain.
The thin red lines stood out for a few days.
It was like she was still with me.
By the next Saturday they were absolutely gone.
Whenever I sat down, for a couple of days immediately after the incident, I had a mild raw feeling, like something was missing .
I put an extra cushion on my chair.
That solved the problem.
Not a big deal.
There was no other subsequent discomfort than this tenderness.
By getting it as an act of friendship, I conquered that one terror in my life, much like turning snake poison into an antidote.
The experience gave me power and took none away.

It was a totally satisfying experience for Leah, and that makes it totally satisfying for me.
While using it she felt the cane was a part of her. So did I.
I don't so much feel that the cane was used as that it was shared.
I opened myself to intimacy, and it was quite a forceful connecting, a fusion, a very personal energy going into me.
"I liked everything about it," said she. "I did it on your bare bottom because on the seat of the underpants it would have been like eating a candy with the wrapper on it. I stopped only because I felt sorry for you. I didn't use follow through because I didn't want to cut you in two. You have a cute asphole."
It was more than just a somethingness, a lack of a void.
Pain, and the possibility of transcendence, there is something empowering about having "survived" a good thrashing!
I feel love for Leah, but it isn't.

It is a unique kind of bonding.

It's like she got a piece of me and made it a part of her, but the piece also grew back quickly and without a trace, and I have a piece of her which I treasure as a part of me now.

Thirteen years later, grade ten dropout, two kids by two different men, a never wore her seat belt car accident, god knows how many cigarettes, experimenting with drugs to keep from getting fat, arrested for stealing form her employer, I wonder if she still giggles, and just how aware she is that, as I understand it, no man since has ever been willing to let her do anything at all like what she did with me to him.

Resignation is giving away your power.
Surrender is getting your power back. In no way did I resign myself to the cane, but rather I surrendered myself to it, and just thinking about it right now electrifies me.

She got the right end of the stick for her.
I got the right end of the stick for me.
I feel closer to women for it.

A satisfied woman is always an accomplishment to a man who loves them!
Three cheers!

If you try to hold onto wisdom it will just run through your fingers. The more you share of it, the more you keep.

One Type Of Cupid's Bow!





































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you be a nunghty girl daddy need spank you

I wish my punishment as a child was this light. I used to get my face smashed in with a metal pipe for misbehaving. I was in the hospital several times. I still have bad scars where my collarbone broke.

Damn thats so sexy

How the hell is that sexy? Do you know how humiliating and degrading that is? How'd you like it if someone ******** your clothing and embarrassed living hell out of you in public? Don't be a jerk.

I hated it when my sister and her friends watched me get a spanking. they were five years older.

One time I was pulling the cats tail and my mom was getting mad. Every time I did it the cat made a funny noise. She told me if I did it again she was going to spank me. A few minutes later my sister and two of her friends came in and I said "watch this!" I didn't think my mom would really spank me. But, after pulling the cat's tail my mom got mad and grabbed me and stood me up on the chair. I was still wearing my PJ jumpsuit as it was still morning a few minutes after breakfast.

She unzipped my PJ suit and it fell to my ankles. I was basically completely naked on the chair - AND in front of my sister and her friends. They were five years older, so I would have been around 5 and they were 10 years old. As soon as she put me up on the chair I knew I was in trouble and then when she took off my PJ's I started to cry,saying "no 'pankin mommy - no mommy - no 'pankin.... wah wah. But she was on a mission. She reached into the drawer and pulled out "the ruler" (that was the thin paint stirring stick).

First she gave a a dozen or more rapid spanks on my hiney - then paused and scolded me about pulling the cat's tail. Then she gave me another dozen swats on my hiney. Then she very methodically spanked down one of my thighs and then back up to my hiney. God that stung! then she worked the ruler across my hiney and then down and back up the other thigh. When she spanked my thighs it was even worse than when she spanked my hiney.

Of course, I was yelling and crying.... and the girls all stood there with grins on their cute little faces. As future mommies, they were learning a lesson in how to spank naughty boys when they don't behave.

Been there. Its embarrassing. especially when you become an adolescent. My mother always spanked on bare bottom never clothed. even in public.

For me it depends. Sometimes I get to pull them down, usually when we have a planned spanking. But "in the moment" spankings I usually get my panties yanked down for me, and yes it is embarrassing and shows who's in charge when needed...

Have to agree.

Add me I want to talk bout ur experences

hi Liza... that is not very nice... it must be really humiliating

I am sorry Liza.



Spnkbooty made that last comment!

it was painfull long time and shame

when I'am spanked by my master or mistress > they have me put on a pair of pull on plastic panties.... before my spanking .... then they will tightly restrain me over a spanking bench ..... they usually start out spanking me over my plastic panties and then pull them down and give me some serious bare bottom spankings that always having me begging them to stop ! but my begging and squirming seems to turn them on , because the more I beg and scream ... the harder they spank me until my cute little tight smooth bottom is nicely welted ! then after my extreme spanking .... if it is the master , he will take his enlarged **** that got that way because spanking me turned him on ... he will take his lovely **** and slowely give me a nice long ******* !!!! and if it'is the mistress , she will put on a strap on and give me also a nice lovely ******* ! with my red hot sore throbbing bare bottom and the ******* that they give me ... I'll ususlly have a mind blowing ****** ! boy scotty

I think it's more degrading having your knickers pulled down in front of other people, rather than the spanking, everyone has a bum, but you choose what knickers you wear, so I think that is more personal, when other people see your panties, or bum and *****.

Well it the old saying if you are going to behave like a child I will treat you like one so when they are spanking you like they did when you were a child they pulled down your pants and underwear and put you over there knee. Is this done to you all the time when you are spanked or some times. The other time you are told to do it.

yes i think lisa gets hard as well

I agree. Having my panties pulled down versus me pulling them down is the worst. I just adds to the punishment.

I agree that having your panties taken down as though you were a little girl is extremely humiliating

Usually I ask the young lady to take her panties down. But only to mid-thigh. That keeps her legs from kicking quite so much as I wear her out with a switchin'!

You mean you don't take them down yourself?

It is the best way to spank bare. You learn the most.

In other words you are saying the more degrading the better?

No, I would say you learn more from vulnerability, not degradation.

I argee with Rachel except I get so hard.

I know what you mean. It is humiliating, but I'm always all wet between my legs when I bend over for a caning and I get my panties pulled down.

Well, caning doesn't work as well if not on the bare.