Got My Barebottom Spanked By My Aunt

I was 15jears old and visited there for a weekend me and my nephew neve got along always use to fight that day i was buzy listening to my music he came into my room and put of the hi-fi i shouted at him to turn it back on he than slaped me i closed my fist and hitt him trough the face my aunt came in the room and heard,saw what was going on she grabed my nephew spanked him 20swats he ran out and cryed then she took me O.T.K and spanked me 18swats its was sore my bum was burning,paining, and hot after the me and my nephew had to apologise to eatch other we had to and we listned after that spanking
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your aunt need an education to judge right from wrong..most parents have not been to school so they spank all who are involved...dumb parents


Did that spanking from your aunt work? Did your nephew have jeans on for his spanking and what were you wearing, you got to see him spanked but he left for your spanking?

think they just sometimes spanked you for the hell of it :(

I can understand that your Aunt was fuming with both of you.<br />
I have 4 children and they are spanked the same way.

Yes thats true and i was also guilty