Spanked Bare Over The Knee After Gym Class

I was told after gym class that I was to stay behind after class having sworn in front of my gym teacher. We had been been playing soccer so we were all (both guys and girls) wearing lycra compression shorts under our soccer shorts. I was in goal so had padded shorts on. A girl was also asked to stay behind after class which I thought meant she was going to get her cute butt paddled too. Instead of the gym teacher paddling me Jamie (the skinny cute blonde girl) was told that I well deserved to be punished and that Jamie was free to choose the method of punishment. Jamie stood considering her options.Jamie found a table tennis bat in the games cupboard then told me to lay over her lap (jamie was sitting patiently on the bench). She told me to place my hands behind my head. I heard a whooshing sound followed by a muffled smack as the bat hit my padded shorts, this was repeated another 30 times and I started to feel relieved that Jamie was going to let me off lightly. What I didn't know was that following the last smack with the bat she had tugged down the padded shorts at the back exposing the thin shiny compression shorts beneath, and with the next raising of the bat I heard a whoosh as the bat headed for my bottom and I yelped in pain again and again as Jamie spanked away for what seemed forever and by now I was almost in tears. Jamie notices and I felt a tug and down came my compression shorts and pants exposing my by now crimson cheeks and smacked my bottom until I was begging for her to stop which she did. After making me promise that I would be more respecting in future. She told me afterwards that she was used to punishing her younger siblings so I had better behave in future.
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

If you're a spanko don't let her "get away". She seems to know just how to get your spanko excitation "up". Bet she may like a little tap too sometimes.

happy spankings Bob