Naughty Girl

ok so im still embarrased by this but im just coming to terms 25 yrs on me and my brother were being naughty at my older brothers music group we were running round throwing rubbish on the floor and disturbing others whilst they were practising there instruments one of the men who were running the group made my dad aware of what we were doing , iremember the look on his face when he told us to sit down at the table and we were going to get a very sore bottom when we got home
on the way home i was talking to my dad and i remember him telling me he wasnt interested and he wasnt going to forget our sore bottoms . We arrived at home and we were sent upstairs to put our pyjamas on , after ten minutes of being at home i was playing in the pyjama drawable not being able to find matching jamas i thought i was safe anyway my dad came upstairs as promised and sent my older siblings out of the room , i thought if i could convince him i couldnt find matching jamas id be ok , it didnt matter i was placed across my bed kicking and screaming ,next he took my jama bottoms down with a struggle iremember thinking if i fought hard enough he would give up .next came knickers and still i was fighting my knicxkers came down so i put my hands across my bare bum but not for long they were soon up behind my back so now we had bare bottom as promised i remember it hurting so much i was begging for him to pull up my knickers his response was i iin charge ill decide when your knickers come up i remember it getting to the point where i thought if he smacks me one more time i will die it was awful i remember my pyjamas and knickers being pulled up and being put straight to bed wwith the promise of another very sore bottom if i behaved like that again believe me i didnt

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really? was it that bad?

how old when that happened not 25 !!!!!

it was always my mam who smacked me and my siblings, and she made it sting.

So how old were you when this happened. Were you hand spanked or did your dad use a implement.