I Fulfilled A 6 Year Old Promise

My wife is a girl scout leader and one of the girls in her troop came from a broken home.  She lived with her mom who was very strict with her but had visitations with her dad who was very lax when it came to rules.  This girl had very little respect for her mom at the age of 13 decided to disobey her mom and get her belly button pierced.  Her dad , seeing it as a chance to annoy his ex, told her he would sign the consent.  Well she told me and my wife about her plans and we thought it was a terrible idea.  We had no problem with belly button rings but we told her she should honor her mom and wait till she was 18.  Nothing we said seemed to make her change her mind so I finally said if she waitied till she was 18 I would get mine pierced as well.  She was shocked and said ok.  In all honesty knowing her 18th birthday was almost 6 years away I thought this was one promise that I wouldn't have to keep. I mean there was no way she would remember.  Well fast forward 5 years and her 18th birthday was fast approching and she came to me and told me it was almost time.  I had forgotten about the promise until she brought it up and was mortified.  I was hoping she was just giving me a hard time but every time I would see her she would bring it up.  Then a funny thing happened.  Her birthday came and went and she didn't mention it so I thought I was off the hook.  Well this past week my wife, daughter and I went to Myrtle beach and we invited her along.  As we turned onto the road our beach house was on there was a piercing studio right on the corner. I had no chance.  She saw it and immediatly said we would get ours pierced together on our trip.  I kept putting it off until the last night when I could no longer tell her to wait so my daughter and I took her to the studio and after some serious arm twisting we did it.  So I am now a 40 year old man with a belly button ring.  Oh and to make matters worse the piercer, Mandy, offered to give me a significant discount if she could pick the jewelry so I have an ice blue dangling ring with two skull and crossbones hanging below.
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Hilarious! (:

This. Is. Awesome.<br />
After that noboday can say you are not a man of your word. And Kudos for her for waiting. That must have been tough for her too.