This Will Be Cake- Not.

This was my story on my old account.  From last year.  I've changed a lot.

I love my piercing.

When I was younger I didn't want my bellybutton pierced. What I wanted was lots of tattoos. Then at age 17 I met my darling husband and he informed me that he didn't want me to get tattoos. He wanted me completely unmodified. Oh well, I was in love and willing to do anything. I got married at 18, when I would have gotten my first tattoo. We drowned...I mean immersed ourselves in the church and had two babies. Then the fateful day came when I realized that I had been acting for five years. I am not the girl that I play in real life!

So, I decided- I am going to get my bellybutton pierced. I am not going to ask my husband. I am going to tell him. We use this same method when it comes to praying. One day I told him, "Don't ask me if I want to pray. Just tell me we are going to pray." He always had awful timing and I never wanted to pray in the middle of something, but he would be offended if I answered him honestly. That was our solution to the problem. As for my bellybutton, I wasn't going to take no for an answer, so why ask?

The conversation was simple, because I had already been talking to him about being the real me. I told him, "Oh, by the way, I'm getting my bellybutton pierced tomorrow." He said, "Ok." Talk about victory.

Side note: We are getting to be much friendlier these days since I'm turning back into the girl he fell in love with.

I went with two girls from my church. They each wanted to get their nose pierced.

Church people side note: In the beginning some people the thought piercings were rebellion, but we concluded that Jesus really wouldn't care one way or another if you got a piercing. I don't show off my navel to anyone but myself and husband. My breastfeeding baby is fascinated by it too. The fruit of having a piercing also was not rebellion. I love Jesus! Anyway...

The other girls got their piercings first. Really long creepy needles in their nose. Deep breaths to disguise the pain. They were great. I was last. I labored and birthed vaginally two babies without any medication at all, so I thought this was going to be cake. Nevertheless, the jittery piercer and Lady Gaga music combined with anticipation were making me a bit nervous. He drew a dot on me standing up and told me to lay down for the piercing. I didn't look, but my friends did. They said it was the worst thing they ever saw. Huge hollow needle. He had to push FIVE times to get it through. It was the single most painful experience of my life. I would NOT do it again. I felt like a stabbing victim.

Now on to the acting part. Nonchalantly, "Wow. That really hurt." I got up. I sat down. "No, I'm fine. I just need to sit."

I learned a great lesson that day: Pretend you are going to faint and get free soda.
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hahaha. I love jokes like that.