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I had mine done for my 16th birthday, you're allowed here if you have parents permission and after nagging my mum for months (even threatened to do it myself if she didn't let me :o ) she agreed. Having it done didn't really hurt, but it did after until it healed whenever my top caught it! Well worth it though!

I think it looks great, especially with tanned skin (not always natural but hey) and a toned tummy which I try and keep!
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add me too plsss!!!

Few things are such a quick turnoff to me as piercings. I don't even like pierced ears. A single discreet tattoo can look okay, but more than that is trashy. Just my opinion. YMMV.

Well thats me told then... why read groups like this is all your gonna do is slag off members storys? Oh and I dont like smurfs.

Don't have one myself but some look really cool

Thanks! I think theyre great :-) Defo a girl piercing tho so Im not surprised you havent had yours done!!!

No bit old for piercings but do like some same with tat's they enhance beauty in some

vanity is human and not that bad, I guess we wouldn't even keep our hair clean and combed if we didn't have any vanity! but I'm too scared and now too old for that kind of thing. I also think it looks good on a nice tummy, even a little soft tummy like a belly dancer....

Thank you :-)