I'm So Stupid

On January 22, I spent the night at my sister, Ally's. We're pretty crazy normally, but she was pregnant and I was drinking a bunch of Red Bull, which is an energy drink. I have ADHD, so when I drink energy drinks, I get really stupid and high. I didn't think that was possible. So it was like 2am and Ally and I were beyond exhausted and stupid. All of a sudden she said we should pierce my belly button. I was so high, that I said it sounded like a great idea. So she rubbed ice on my belly button, and when it was numb she poked a needle through. I laughed from the pain. That's how high energy drinks make me. Then she got a belly button ring and put it in. The next morning I woke up and was so confused. My belly button hurt so bad. My mom was kinda mad, and she said I'm not allowed to drink Red Bull ever again, and I'm not allowed to be alone with my sister while she's pregnant. She said my punishment was that I had to keep the ring in until my birthday which is May 31st. So it's still in. I hate it, but I'm getting use to it. I still can't believe how stupid I was that night though.
EmylovesBen EmylovesBen
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2012

are you sure that you have drank just red bull!!!

Is it well placed and appears like it was professionally done or not?

It looks professional. I actually think I'm gonna keep it in for awhile. I got a small infection but nothing bad.

No infection? Sounds like you got lucky. Why not keep it?