My Belly Button Piercing Experience

So, I have wanted this navel piercing for 3/4 years but have always been told no, as I was turning sixteen my mum and dad new that there was nothing stopping me when I was legal to go and get it pierced myself- infact I can go get any piercing I want now! They both agreed to it and I went into town with my friends, my auntie had taken me to the piercing shop and signed the papers for me. The place looked really clean and I was really nervous standing at the desk I honestly though I was going to faint. While waiting in line the person that was doing the piercings shouted down "I need someone to come with a mop, bucket and clean thing this girl has just been sick, fainted and is now bleeding" I started to freak out even more at this point but, I had been told by lots of people that snicker bars are really good to eat before getting a piercing to stop you fainting because of the sugar content in it- something like that anyway- so I ate one before going into the shop. I looked at some belly bars but I already knew what one I wanted, light blue because the blue crystal in it looks like my star sign stone and goes with my skin tone haha. I got really nervous waiting in line and the ques was pretty quick, 1 person went in for 2 seconds, comes out next person goes in it was really quick. I finally went in and gave the guy my slip and picked my belly bar out, they guy started asking me questions and having a conversation with me which I liked because it relaxed me a bit. He cleaned my belly button and then got his pen and marked it and looked at me "have you had this done before?" I laughed "um, I tried to do it myself but I regret it so much" he laughed back and nodded "yeah, I'm guessing that would have been hard" I agreed but im gonna be honest never try doing it yourself cause it hurts like a mothertrucker and yeah, you will do it wrong. I then lay down on the bed thing (have no idea what thy are called) and he showed me opening a new needle and if they don't show you then go somewhere else or tell them you want to witness that it's a brand new needle cause you dont want a used one do you? I put my hand behind my head and wanted to see every thing that was going in around me, usually they use a clamp but he never for mine he just used the needle. I'm gonna be fully serious with you all it hurt so ******* bad, I could of cried but I'm sure it was because he ever clamped it because of the pressure it would have numbed it but, mine was just pain, PAIN PAIN. he told me he was putting the belly bar and put the little ball on which took forever because it kept falling off. He put a plaster over it and made sure it wasn't bleeding or anything before he did. He gave me a sheet with cleaning instructions on it and healing time he wrote 6 months on mine but, I think he may have meant 6 weeks. I only payed £15 for mine which I though was really good and they piercing is really nice and is healing nicely.
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Actually it takes 6-12 months for a navel piercing to be fully healed.