How I Convinced My Parents & My Belly Piercing Experience

when i was a baby my mum got her belly pierced, i thought it was really pretty and decided when i was older i would get mine done too.
at the age of 14 a lot of girls at my school were getting their belly pierced for the summer and as all the girls were younger than me i thought my mum would say yes. this was not the case. my mum went insane, telling me i was too young and would get stretch marks.
after that i left it and went in search of information (in my place, you need facts to back you up). i looked on the internet and asked the girls that got their belly pierced about it.
every few months i would bring up the topic, mum would go insane but i would have more and more information to back me up. this got to the point that my dad got involved.
one day before my 16th my father watch mum and me argue over me getting my belly pierced. afterwards he split mum and me up so he could talk to us. he asked me why i wanted it done, my answer was simple, i like the look of it. he looked at me and said that's the same reason my mum got hers done. an hour later i was told that i could get my belly pierced the spring, but i was not to bring the topic up till a week before hand. finally after a year and a half of arguing, i was getting it done.
as the date drew closer i asked some friends were they got theirs done, their experiences and watched a few piercings on youtube.
mum took me to get it done on a Saturday morning.
while mum filled in paper work i got to pick out my jewelry. once that was done i was taken into a small room to get pierced. the lady cleaned my belly and then marked it using a pen. i was asked to make sure the dots were straight, both mum and i said they were placed right. now it was time to lay down. she put clamps on me and spent a bit of time putting it in the right spot. the clamps didn’t hurt, just a bit of pressure, nothing i couldn’t handle. then she said to me you will feel a sharp pinch and merely a second later i felt a very sharp pinch, it was quick and intense and im not going to lie, it did hurt. once that was done she said i was finished, I’m glad she lied about that because i was more relaxed when she put the jewelry in. the jewelry going in was painful because it lasted longer and was very pressurized for me. after this she put some cleaning solution on my piercing and bandaged it up, i had to wait a half hour to see my piercing. then i was given an information sheet on how to clean it and i paid. once i was home i took the bandage off, there was some blood, but i was very happy with the piercing.
to this day i clean it like i was instructed to and I'm looking forward to changing it to mum's gold dragonfly.
i love the piercing and have no regrets :)
jinnyy jinnyy
Dec 11, 2012