I Love My Piercing

I have had my belly button ddone since i was 13 it didnt even hurt lol and im not that great with pain I brought my friend Natalie with me and told her to hold my hand and I would squeeze it if I was hurt ...I never had to squeeze it !!! I was surprised that i didnt feel that much pain he put the ring in and that was the most of the pain and it was barely pain at all Im now 18 and i love my belly button piercing and dont regret getting it at all sometimes i see belly buttons without one and think hmmm... there is something missing I highly reccomend a navel piercing to anyone who admires them because that could mean its the right choice for you. I wanted one so bad before i got one that i used to dream about it and wake up and feel my belly and be like aww its not real lol

claraella claraella
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2009