If I See You Again I Can't Be Held Accountable

Latino Night is the one night of the month that college students my age are allowed in the local bar. I go with my gay mexican bestie and dance the night away, because it sooo fun! I can dance and so can he. He also has saved me from some creepy guys more than once. This night he didn't though, but how could he have?
Dancing to Independientemente I felt something on my backside, but the dance floor was crowded. I figured it was an accident.
Until it kept happening.
I turned around and this creepy guy with the Latino mustache - and we all know the one I mean, where it looks like there's dirt on his lip - he was dancing with a sloppy drunk blonde whose back was to me, while his hands kept reaching for me. He smiled at me which eliminated all possibility of it being an accident now.
I scowled, turned around, and backed really hard into his date. She fell forward on top of him and my buddy just looked at me astonished.
I shook my head and left the bar quickly. When my friend caught up and I explained what happened. He hugged me, laughed and said I was gorgeous. Then he asked if he should go back and beat him up for me.
It made me feel a little better, but if I ever see that guy again I'm giving him the smack on the face that he deserves.
MyUnspokenWord MyUnspokenWord
22-25, F
Jan 8, 2013