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What Is It About My Butt Really

i just got to school this morning it's the second day of school and i went to my locker and just got it open when someone slapped my butt i turn around and this guy smile and his friends laugh that he really smack my butt and i walk right up to him and he ask you want me baby and slap him oooo i was mad and since then he left me alone
deleted deleted 26-30 1 Response Aug 12, 2011

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Good for you for telling him not too. these days guys can get in trouble for doing that, like expesion and possible jail time. High school guys think it is cool nad funny and do not know any other way to show they like a girl, but it sucks when it is not wanted.<br />
If it keeps happening tell the principal.

I wouldn't mind. Actually I would take it as a complement that the like it butt. But that's just me

Well than by all means let me pich your butt. LOL