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After Work Today

after work today i went to the book store i wanted to buy a couple new books and i went down the love and romance, and i seen this one book it was wayyy back there on the top shelf i seen the number on the side it was the book i really wanted, i couldn't reach the book and this guy was nice and he got it for me of course i said thank you, he turn around to walk away and i started to look at the book to make sure i wanted it and SMACK ouch i yell, and i turn around and that jerk just smile and just started to walk away, i yell hey *** hole and he just kept walking
jennylovestosmile jennylovestosmile 18-21, F 11 Responses Jan 23, 2012

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The guy the got the book for you smacked your butt that was not nice. I know I do that to people I really like it my way of showing affections but not to a total stranger.

why didnt u report him

I agree, what a jerk

My boss at work slaps bottom on A regular basis and calls me A good girl even in front of costomers.It A way of letting you know who's the boss.

Well does he do it for that reason or does he care for you like his own daughter. And if you do not like it say something be nice and just say you do not like it.

sounds nice and hot - I'd love that x

here you study and what you like to read more from

And the book is interesting that you liked

absurd, can't figure out why he thought he could end up successful lol

yep....look in the "Jerk" section of the library and you will probably see his picture.

So he thought since he was nice he could just do whatever! What a real jerk!

haha. thats messed up. kinda funny tho. thought he needed to get something out of the deal i guess. lol