I Hate My Family

i was 14 around this time and i was staying at my aunts. my 16 year old brother and sister were staying as well. it was about half 10 in the morning and we were all in my aunts living room when she said she had to go out at 11 and my siblings will be looking after me. my eyes widened as she said it and so did my siblings'.
"NO!! u cant go out, i was meant to be going out with Sarah and the gang today!" said my sister Katherine. "i am sorry Kathy but i have to go out, ur uncle will be back at 4 o'clock but i wont be back until 7."
arrggghh i couldn't believe that she was leaving me with Kathy and Peter. until 4 o'clock. well it came to 11 o;clock and auntie jan left.
i was in the living room for about half an hour, when my brother and sister came in and said that they wished i was never born. i just said wow. my sister came over and slapped me in the face. "ow what the hell was that for??"
"for being born and making me miss the greatest day out of my life with the gang and my boyfriend" she said this while pulling my ear making me stand up.
"were gonna make sure u never make us stay home again"

they brought a chair in from the kitchen and put it in the centre of the room. last time this happened i was being sexually abused by my other uncle. they puhed me down onto the chair and got some rope. they tied my arms behind the chair and tied one of my legs to each chair leg. "what r u doing" i said "we're gonna hurt ur vagina and that will teach u not to mess with us" peter said undoing my jeans. he slid the under my butt and down to my ankles. my sister then put her hand on my tight panties on my vagina. i quivered and the touch.
she then started slowly lightly rubbing my vagina and i started moaning. i hated it. she then rubbed harder and i moaned even more.
my brother said that we need to get me more uncomfortable. they untied me but then layed me over the table and tied me there again. peter put his hand under me and rubbed my vagina again really hard this time. they carried on rubbing for about 10 minutes then untied me. Kathy then started spanking me and in 3 minutes by a ss was very red they then let me go upstairs although a little later they gave me a wedgie and done a bit more of the rubbing then my uncle got home.

i had been eating in my room and playing on my uncle laptop and didnt realise he was home. so when he came up i got a spanking and he took down my trousers and panties and noticed my red as s and asked what happened i said that my siblings were being horrible and hurting my private area. he told me if i was naughty they had a right to punish me he spanked me then took a look at my vagina. he said they nicely punished it for him to do a little more. he gave it a few rubs from the back and front and then told me to get dressed and have a shower and thats the end.

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WHAT!!?? When your uncle came home, did you tell him why your sister and brother
randomly spanked you? Or did he not listen?