Yep, I Got A Cousin Pregnant

gotta love EP! ever since i found this site and read others experiences, it astounds me to find out that so many people have the same experiences i have and if not, at least think about it if theyre here, huh? well, ive come to find out that im not the only one whos had sex with a cousin and that im in love with and hiding a live-in relationship wit another cousin now too as we speak! but of all the stories and experiences shared here on EP, i havent seen anything on pregnancy. i know theres supposed stories and such shared about cousins ******* i n g and c u m m i n g in inside each other, but noone seems to get pregnant or shares they did. so i decided to, since its honest to the big guy upstairs true. yeah, the current cousin ive been with for over a year now got pregnant during the begining of our forbidden affair. theres more details on some other stories/experiences ive shared if anyones interested on hearing more of this/these instances. well, dunno bour you all, but for me, 1st and foremost, im always concerned about pregnancy and disease. always have. the way this happened for me was not too long ago, i was made reaquainted with a younger cousin who ive never really been around and had probably only met her once or twice when she was young-school aged and even then, we didnt pay each other no mind. theres a few years difference between us, im in my mid 30s and she's in her early 20/s. well, after she finished high school, she tried the community college scene near where her parents, my uncle and aunt lived and that didnt really work out. i live a few hours away in a major metro area and she lives close to where i grew up and where my parents still live and i occassionally go and visit and a lil over a year ago or so, her dad, my uncle asked if i could let her stay with me while she attemted to give one of the local community colleges a try, i said ok. it just so happened that before this and before she moved in, we started to get to know one another via texts, emails, ect and we really hit it off. she had a bf at the time but said how much of a loser he was. he really was, he was supported by her and her fam and didnt work or nothing. after convincing her how it was, she got the confidence to dump him and thats when we started to get closer. low and behold, we started talking about mature stuff. one thing led to another and finally i got enough courage to make a move and did the whole "if we werent cousins, would you..." speach and she said she thought it was the other way around and that it was hard for her to tell i was. so turns out the feeling was mutual. before you know it, i was planning more trips to 'see the folks" and she started making trips to visit me to "checkĀ  out some schools that shes thinking of attending". (before she moved in of course) i kept my distance and tried not to seem to "eager" or maybe even a lil bit of hard to get, but didtn wanna have a repeat shoot down. (another story in my stories here on EP) but not thinking she was serious about us doing it for the 1st time. we met at where we said we would on 1 of our 1st times and it was awesome! theres just something about taboo no-no nookie with a cousin to make it that much more intense and rawer if that makes any since. but we continued after that. she asked if ive gotten tested and told her yeah and that i was negative around when we first started playing. she said she was asking because she hates condoms and oddly loves having and feeling guys ******* inside her and that she was on birthcontrol. shes on "the shot" but one thing i learned and had to learn the hard way as i have for lots of experiences ive experienced over time, that not all BC methods are truely 100% effective. i guess she lost track of when she was supposed to take 1 and was aware of it but missed her window and had to wait another woman's cycle before getting back on it. dunno the specifics and whatnot so dont ask, i didnt ask and she didnt really say. long story short, one night, while very horny, we played and one of my lil soldiers made it to the egg and low and behold we were expecting. she told me of it and didnt ask for anything or how i felt about it, all she said was she just felt like she should tell me and to not worry about it cause she was gonna take care of it. she said she found out about it too late for the morning after pill and had to get it taken care of elsewhere. although she didnt ask for any $ for it, i asked how much it was and paid half even tho she told me i didnt have to. she felt it was her fault and i had to tell her it takes 2 to tango and after that, we left it at that and havent spoken about it. she does love having me *** in her tho but now i feel a lil hesitation now and again when i think about it. but ill tell you another thing, i couldnt be happier, i love the sex drive on this lil kitten :D she has that of a horny teenage boy or how i was as a teenager at least! we **** at least everyday, i kid you not! i work overnights and right when i get home, im her "wake up call" she wakes to me undressing her if she has any clothes on or to my **** sliding or making its way to her sweet honeypot! she swallows, asks me to pull out just before so she can stroke it out on her belly too, and lets me backdoor her now and agian. its kinda getting harder to keep up wit her drive and such but i try. i tell you , we have our ups and downs and it is harder and harder to hide our forbidden affair, but im.we're having fun in the mean time. cant complain with the constant nookie ive been getting since and has been for over a year now. (another story on my stories here on EP-check em out and comment) im always interested if anyone has any similar experiences and if so to share too
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Pregnancy's such a scare :-/ dont wanna got thru that again. BC people :)

I did have an experience a few times with my cousin that fortunately did not result in pregnancy but could have. My cousin was about 10 and I was 12. we were in our pool and she asked if she could give me oral (actually she said "could i suck your ****"). I was surprised and never thought of that. I responded by saying "why would you want to do that? She said "because I want to". I was too young at the time and thought "I pee out of that". After a while of talking I just let her and of course I started enjoying it. We did several more times. I never **********. I think I was too young too. I actually was thinking I was supposed to urinate in her mouth. I was so immature and fortuantely the muscles would not allow that. The following summer, again she gave me oral. Then one day at our pool she was putting on suntan lotion and she wanted me to rub lotion on her private parts. I said sure I would. After taht she started having me do that quite often. Until one day at the pool she wanted me to put my penis in her vagina. We tried and went to our pool house and she layed down and she told me how to get on top of her and she put it in her gently. she had me thrust and it felt good but still not knowing what we were actually doing. I never ********** but she seemed to have orgasmed as she said it felt really good then the feeling stops. so she asked me to stop and i did. After doing this several times of course i staretd liking it and started ************ fantacising about it. Once after we did it she had me push in really deep. I got close, like very close to ***********, but fortuantely now knowing, I did not. She orgasmed it seemed. Right after that she went to the house and in the pool house I masturabed and **********. She came back and nearly caught me. She rubbed my forehead and said "you are al sweaty are you alright? I said yes. Emberassed though. The nexdt day she we talked about it and she said how I felt after and I told her. I told her that "after we did it I played with it and felt really good and this white stuff squirted out". She was interested and wanted to see it come out and feel it. Now that I think of it we are lucky we never acted upon this and she never go to see it come out. I think naturally if she saw this she would have wanted to feel it squirt in her or at least feel it squirting inside her. And of course us not knowing, we were lucky. It was a few years more of me ************ her and giving her oral was what we did most. I truly of coruse enjoed that at that age. And she did too. We did have intercourse a few times but fortuantely never had enough alone time to finish, so most was me giving her oral. We are adults now and have our own families. We do not talk about that, not do we ever do that with each other. Kind of groses me out now. We have a good healthy realtionship as cousins now. Thinking back then, it was exploring. We just got lucky. But sometimes I think she was very young to think of those sexual activities and I always hope that she was not ever sexually abused, becuase I would never have thought about doing that. So fortunately we did not get pregnant and fortunately we have moved on from that and are healthy now. So I guess it was all expoloratory at that age.

thanks leoquin, i apologize in advanced for what im gonna ask, but are you a doode or a chick? cause your pic is of i think/believe is a male's but you said you had a misarriage. anyhoot, either or, youre in the same boat as me/us here. what can i say, im a cousin ****** :P im really in love wit my cousin and couldnt ask for any more in a chick. shes the best and keeps me satisfied :)

same story here i almost got pregnant by my 1st cousin too but sad i had a miscarriage may be its not for us now...i love him so much... he want us to have a baby so we can live alone together away from our relatives..anyways you can read my story...

dunno if your comment was to me too theatergirl, but thanks for commenting on mr monkey's story. we have alot in common and read your similar situation story of you and your cousin, nice story :) have a good one guys. toodles xoxo sam

tha ms theatergirl! always great to hear feedback. positive/supportive feedback that is :) it's nice to hear from you too :) thanks for the comment & keep up the good work yourself :)

well congrats to you both and these people who say that having a relationship with a family member is wrong are just people who feel low about themselves and have to judge!

yeah, i read your story too and commented :) thanks for commenting on mine. i agree with you, there are lots of stories and experiences shared here that i too question and dont take most of them seriously but gotta admit it makes for some steamy mental **** :P hehe, i jokes, but yeah, i wish there were more stories or experiences shared about reality or the realness of cousin love. the repreocussions and outcomes pregnancy being a biggie. thought i was the only 1 out there till you joined this group i started. again, just trying to let others know they aint alone if they have similar experiences :) keep up the good work miss sam :)

holy ****! makes me think twice sometimes now! all i ever read about is guys boasting about how they came all up inside thier womans/cousins, what have you, but you never hear about anyone scared about that 9 month later bundle of joy :-/ or if they even thought of that when theyre in the moment? im on bc but still