I am a new member to this site & found it pretty much by stumbling onto it accidently last night when I couldn't sleep & was thinking about a close cousin & it just so happens that I'm in a forbidden romantic sexual relationship wit him. now, don't be quick to judge! as I've been learning by reading other users' shared experiences, it's more common than I thought & don't think I'm abnormal anymore. even tho we hide our relationship we had a major slip up & I ended up getting pregnant :-/ we hadn't planned it as everyone always says I've read, but what is there to say, I like to **** & am proud to admit I'm prally a nymph but I don't care & it's true what everyone here on this subject says: it just happened. by that I meant both: us hooking up when we did "just happened" & when we started really messing around, me getting knocked up "just happened". I love my cousin & he loves me he says but he's much older than me & I couldn't really tell what was on his mind & to this day still wanna know but he says "whatever u want baby" & was what he said when I told him I took a pregnancy test & was positive. I know he didn't wanna have it as we had long talks about it & although he said if I/we chose to have it, he'd support it & me. but we were scared to tell our folks & he started kinda pressuring me to bite the bullet & say I went to a party & had a 1 night stand wit someone i didn't know, that's when I knew he wouldnt or didn't wanna let anyone know of us having sex. after long thinking & talking to different trusted friends & different professionals @ planned parenthood, I decided to "take care of it" :( that's a part I'd rather leave at that. moving on from there was quite difficult & am happy my loving mate/cousin was there by my side & we've learned from that. I'm on BC now & that was about a couple years ago now. I think about my situation all the time, all the "what If's" & "only if I's..." and it always goes back to wondering how/where I'd be now if I didn't hook up wit my cuz all those years ago! oh, I think I forgot to mention, this cuz of mine who I'm in love wit have been romantically involved for almost 3 years now. he's a bit older than me in his 30s & is by far the best lover & knows how to use his equiptment that makes me *** as much as he does & is the only lover I've had that *** & keep going & *** & keep going! told u I'm a nymph! until him, there was no man who could please me or keep up wit me & my sexual appetite & I hear guys/males have the high sex drives, too! :P maybe it's the taboo-ness of it that makes the ******* awesome but either way, I'm happy. I'm very happy I found this site & look forward to sharing more experiences so under the u show, ill show concept, let me know how I'm doing/share your experiences & I'll do the same. until then, please no BSers, fakers, or guys wanting to cyber, meet, or share pics! take care & I'll see u guys later :D xoxo
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(*blushes @ auroramaru) thanks Hon, yeah, not a moment in my life i like to really think about but hey, we live and learn right? and that said, so what if growing up being concidered "a ****" was what it was, i benifited as in finding out alot about myself. what i want and how i want it :D so from another self proclaimed nymph, tell me more about yourself. message me if youd like or here's ok :)

i totally understand "taking care of it" -- so many hop up and down, but decisions like this are hard. you lose either way. congratulations for finding this site, and thank you for sharing your story. happy to meet another nympho!

we sure do have lots in common! :)

dang! we do have lots in common dont we?!? thanks for messaging me and its nice to know that theres really people whove also been with someone they shouldnt! even more so that you were preggers. hope u dont mind me saying it like that but u know what i mean. i just started this forum for people like you, to let them/u know that youre not alone! keep the stories ******* and ill do likewise. message me & if you wanna swap pics still, we'll see what happens :)