Had My Ears Pierced For The First Time Yesterday

I am 44 year old male and yesterday morning I had my ears pierced for the first time. I guess some people might say I am going through a mid life crisis but I prefer to think about it as just trying something new.
It all started a couple of weeks ago when I was in the hairdressers with my wife having my hair coloured and highlighted. While my wife Linda was waiting for me she was reading one of these fashion magazines, she was reading an article about men wearing earrings and whether men look best with no earring one earring or an earring in each ear. Linda asked Emily my hairdresser what she thought, she liked both, Linda said yes I think I do too, using David Beckham as an example of looking good with an earring in each ear. Linda then turned to me asked what thought, I said yes I think both ears looks best.
Nothing else was mentioned about the subject up until a few days ago when out of the blue Linda said to me I think you would look nice with a pair of earrings, I was a bit suprised at her comment, she then said you can have your ears pierced as part of your christmas present. I didn't really know what to say so I said well I will think about it. I thought about it for a few hours and then I thought why not, so I said to Linda yes I think I would like to have earrings, this was Thursday afternoon and I had already booked a day off work to go shopping with Linda the next day (Friday). Linda said great, we can get your ears done tomorrow when we go shopping so I said where will I get them done, she said I think Claire's is where most people go these days.
Friday morning came along and we went to meadowhall shopping centre as planned, when we arrived Linda said what shall we do first, I said I am easy, so she well lets go to Claire's and get your ears done first. Suddenly I felt rather nervous, it was only a short walk from where we were. We walked into the shop Linda holding my hand tightly as if to make sure I wouldn't escape, the shop assistant on the door asked Linda if she needed a basket Linda said no thankyou, we just want to use your ear piercing services, the assistant said yes of course is it yourself, Linda replied no, its my husband. The assistant then said OK and asked us to wait by the chair in the window and she would get one of her colleagues to come and sort it out. We went over to the chair, Linda picked up the display of piercing studs which you could have, she suggested plain ball studs and I said nervously that's fine. We stood waiting for what seemed to me like an eternity, then a very attractive young assistant approached and said to Linda are you waiting for ear piercing, Linda yes for my husband. OK she said sorry to keep you waiting I am Kelly, she opened the cupboard and took out a pad of forms and asked me to fill in the form which I did.
She then said OK Andrew sit yourself down, she then asked which studs we had chosen and she got a pair out of the cupboard put on a pair of disposable gloves and wiped both my ear lobes with anti-bacterial wipes, then took a pen and marked both ear lobes with a dot denoting where the studs would be positioned. Linda took a close look at the positioning and said she though they were too low on the lobe and asked for them to be positioned more centrally on the lobe which Kelly did, Linda took another close look and confirmed that they were OK.
Kelly then loaded the first stud into the piercing gun and said OK Andrew keep you head still, 123 and there was a loud click followed by a sharp pinching sensation, the Kelly said OK that's your right ear done, Kelly then reloaded the gun and did my left ear, she then bathed both ears with their cleaning solution then she said all done.
Linda immediately looked at me and said they look really good on you Kelly also said that they really suited me and handed me a mirror so I could see for myself, it seemed really strange seeing a little stud in each of my slightly red ear lobes but I at the same time really nice. Kelly said for me to sit for a couple of minutes while Linda went and paid, both ears were throbbing quite a bit but Kelly said they would soon settle down which they did.
I had trouble sleeping with them in last night but Linda said that I will soon get used to it.
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Great experience and thanks for sharing. I have been thinking about doing the same thing. Nice to hear how it went for someone else.

Maybe we should start a 60's club. "All virgins to the left of the room please!"

I am 17 and got my ear pierced without my parents knowing it was the best decision I made! I've always wanted it done but hadn't had the guts to do it. My dad was fine but my mum was not impressed. Haha.

I'm in my early sixties and still undecided. Sometimes I wish that my ears were pierced and other times... If I was younger, then it would be easier. How can someone hide the piercings. What does one tell his family?

Dude, the great thing about being in your sixties is you can do just about anything you want to do. I had an ear pierced in my sixties and frankly don't care what anyone else thinks. Live your life, while you can.

I'm just trying to figure out a way to tell my daughter. She doesn't even know that I wrote my memoirs and it's now published. I am waiting for the right moment. Once my close family know, then I will give myself the green light.

Hope it works out for you. Keep in mind that 99.99% of the public will not care. What do the rest matter? I got positive feedback from both my boss and the Director of HR said I went way up on her "cool" list. Don't let this or any other opportunity pass you by because you are worried what others think that is a good way to have a life full of regret.

Can't argue there Lumark, I really only concerned with family and a few redneck neighbors.

Ask yourself, does my family love me or is this some type of a deal breaker? My guess is they won't kick you out on the basis of an earring. As for redneck neighbors, at least around here, many of them wear earrings as well. I think you are over thinking this, it means more to you than to anyone else.

My kids don't live with me, so they can't kick me out. If they did find out, I may never see my grandchildren again or at least for a very long time. As for the neighbors, I described what happened in detail in my book "He's my Little Girl". The hit was only because of a mistake.

Wow, if you think the consequences would be that great then I would look at an alternative. There are clip and screw back earring as well as magnetic earrings. I hope you are over estimating the reaction because that seems a little extreme to me, if you are only talking about a pierced ear, I know you have other interests that might be more difficult to accept. I don't mean to be presumptuous ,but have you thought of some counseling that would make you feel more confident and accepting of your desires. I myself have had therapy for a number of years for some of the same issues ie. self acceptance and the problems of living your life to please other people. You can get beyond that thinking.

You are right Lumark, there is more here than meets the eye. The other interests, I can easily hide, but the piercings are something else. As for the counseling, it's already in the works; I will be attending a work shop for those who are having difficulty dealing with certain issues.
The magnet earrings? I must try them.
Thanks for your advice, it's a great help.

Good for you to have the guts to get help for yourself. I know how difficult that can be but also how worthwhile. I too, have problems with my children. I came out at age 49 and even though they are well educated professionals they simply can not accept me for who I am. I tried to get along with them for 12 miserable years and finally decided that the stress they put me under was simply not worth it so we have not seen each other for 3 years and as sad as that might seem, I have tremendous relief to be free of their bigotry. Hope things go better for you, but sometimes the things you fear the most aren't so bad after all. Best wishes to you.

I'm so happy to have friends like you Lumark. I can just imagine what you went through. As time goes by, your children may live to regret those wonderful years. I haven't seen my father for over 25 years now; a day comes for everyone to look back and say to themselves "I'm so sorry". Most cannot say those words to those whom they hurt the most. My mother just made it in time to say: "I accept you". This was not done in words, but said by her eyes.
It is sad to think that a few decades were wasted all because she wasn't comfortable with my situation.
If it came down to a choice of seeing my grandchildren or earrings, then it would be no contest. This is why, I am trying to find out how they would react and accept or reject. If only I could find an excuse that would be acceptable, then I could live happily in both worlds.
Thanks again for reading.

Right On!! lumark630....being in our 60's does give us special privileges to do just about anything we want doesn't it. And not letting it bother us what anyone else thinks is also a plus. Gosh! I wish I had felt like this when I was younger.

It's one of the few advantages of getting old. I don't think too many of us do feel that way when we are younger, part of the vanity of youth, we think everyone must care about us.

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For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by pierced ears. As a 15 year old boy I pierced my own ears having bought a pair of gold sleeper earrings. They healed during the summer holidays so I could remove them when I went back to school and replace them each evening. At that time hardly any girls had pierced ears where I lived and certainly no other boys. I put up with a lot of catty comments when I went out wearing them. When I met and married my wife she didn't like me wearing them so I only put them in on rare occasions but this was enough to keep the holes open. My wife died a few months ago after 55 years of marriage and after a few weeks I suddenly realised that I was now free to wear earrings all the time which I have done and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have bought several new pairs and my favourites are some steel hinged hoops bought over the internet which are quite heavy so that I am permanently aware that I am wearing them. However, I can only wear them for short periods as the weight was elongating my holes. Not a look I favour.

I first pierced my own ears 50 years ago when very few men wore earrings. I continually got stares and rude comments until it was much more accepted for men to have pierced ears starting about 20 years ago. You will love having your ears pierced and if you really want a great feeling, try wearing a long pair of dangling earrings or a pair of huge hoop earrings. I have even purchased a set of earlace earrings which have a chain connecting one earring to the other. You can find them on-line by googling earlaces.

My wife pierced my ears just before Christmas in 1964 so I can relate to what you went through in those early days. I quickly learned that if anyone said anything my best response was a short, direct, honest answer. If anyone asked if my ears were pierced I replied "Yes" and nothing more. If they asked why I had my ears pierced I would reply "So I can wear earrings" or "Because pierced earrings are so much more comfortable than screw ons." By this point I could inflect my voice to imply anything from "Do you like them" to "What business is that of yours." Maybe I am just feeding my own ego here, but I like to think that those of us who have had our ears pierced and worn earrings for many years helped blaze a trail for the men and boys who can now get their ears pierced and wear earrings without any criticism or negative comments.

My wife suggested that I get my ears pierced, and I did. She now wants me to have a cartilage piercing, and I agreed, as long as I have both done and can have a double piercing in my lobes. I also would like piercings about halfway between the lobes and cartilages in each ear.

You might want to consider getting your tragus pierced on both sides and wearing little rings in them. I did this a few months ago and now I wear a thin chain under my chin that connects the two tragus rings. My wife loves the look and decided she wanted the same thing.

What a wonderful Christmas present your wife gave you. Welcome to the wonderful world of pierced ears and earrings. It has now been almost two motnhs since your ears were pierced and they should now be healed to the point where you can change your earrings as often as you like. By now you should be used to sleeping with earrings in your ears. If you have not done so already you will soon find that pierced earrings are so comfortable you can easily forget you are wearing them. If there will be times when you feel you should leave home without wearing any earrings you wil need to get in the habit of checking in the mirror every time you are ready to leave home to be certain you are or are not wearing earrings.

Many years ago my wife did the same thing for me just before Christmas. The difference was that she actually pierced my ears for me rather than taking me to a shop. I can remember how I felt when I saw those little studs in my ears and am sure you felt the same. Enoy!

I am really pleased that you have joined the growing number of men wearing earrings. I kind new you would like them once they were in, it sounds like they are already starting to heal nicely but don't be tempted to take your piercing studs out early they will need the full 6 weeks.
It took quite a while for my husband Jamie to get used wearing studs in bed but now he doesn't even feel them at all and I put his piercing studs back in for him every night without fail.

3 days now since I had my ears pierced, absolutely love them and so does my wife. The only down side is that I am still finding quite uncomfortable in bed not painful though, just the fact that they are there. Linda my wife has been cleaning and rotating them 3 times a day and she says they are freeing up nicely.

If it looks good and you like it, why not? There's nothing wrong with wearing earrings, and if your wife is in agreement, all the better. Enjoy your newly pierced ears!