Oh This One Time...On Camera

Thank goodness I'm the video editor...because when my wife and I made fetish videos a long time ago, after a shoot, she wanted to prove a point of how sticky the gummy that had been melted was. While she was still standing in it, and quite stuck I might add, she told me to join her, and being barefoot and having had a few beers whilst doing the camera work, I obliged. Now, I knew it was sticky and her feet were stuck...but I didn't know what stuck was until that moment, and men who wear shoes have pretty soft feet, and being no exception to that, I surprised whn lo and behold, I could not lift my feet, and nearly fell over when I went to move around. It took me a few tries to get my feet peeled off the old gummy, and just like my wife, I had to soak my bare feet in warm water to get the melted sugary substance off, but it was fun, and we both laugh about it still.

But yes, I DID get my feet stuck...one of a good many times, and not so accidental.
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Aug 21, 2013