3 Tries For the Perfect Kiss

Well todays date is 3-21-09 and I got my first kiss at about 5:00 pm! My boyfriend, My two best friends and I were all watching Knowing in the movies..... My boyfriend [David] had his arm around me and my head was some what in his chest. My hand was over my mouth sorta. I felt something on my head and asked "Did you just kiss my head?" "Yes" he replied with a shakey voice! "My head?" i asked confused. Then I picked up my head and he accidently kissed my eye!! it started to water a bit and we were both red!! "Forget it..it never happened just try again later!" i told him after he spent about 15 minutes apologizeing!! Later we went into another movie...I think it was Duplicity?! In the middle of the movie he tried again but I worried so I pretened to drop something..he kept apologizeing about the eye/head thing :( I couldnt take it....I grabbed his face and gave him a kiss.. I felt embaressed I wasnt sure if i had even kissed him on lips [lol] Then I whispered "I know that wasnt great but it will happen again" "How was it?" he asked "I dont know it was too fast" I nervously replied...we sat through a little more of the movie then he gently picked up my head and gave me A GREAT WONDERFUL AMAZING FIRST KISS!!!!! "How was that?" he asked. I was soo happy i asked him to leave for a second..when he did I couldnt breath. I turned to my best [gay] friend Luis. and told him..........after David came back we watched some more of the movie then for some odd reason he tapped luis on the shoulder then turned and gave me another kiss!!!!!!!!!


I am extremely happy...it took a few tries...but now I have a great story for my grandchildren when im 50 somethng :D

i am just tooo happy :D



Normemo Normemo
Mar 22, 2009