I Got My First Prostate Massage

This story is a sequel to this one: EP Link

Last Saturday was the day of my ************ in front of mom and of my deepest humiliation so far. I was totally nervous. At 6 p.m. always is my big weekly bathing. Mom came to me and said: "During your bath I want you to jerk off!" I asked: "And if I don’t ***? Do I get a prostate massage?" I saw a glowing in her eyes and knew immediately that I had made a mistake! I just had given her a new idea. "We will see." she answered calmly. "But why do you know about that?" "I… I found information on web..." I replied stammering. "You are definitely surfing too much!" she answered.
As she bathed me shortly after, I always had an erection naturally. After one week without ************ I was sooo horny! Then she washed my penis and then it happened: My ***** came spurting out of my **** and over my mom’s hand! My mom was furious! She slapped my face a few times and shouted: "You wasn’t allowed to do that, little pig! I tell you when you are allowed to come, no one else! Do you understand? Do you?" "Yes, Ma’am, yes, I understand, mommy!" I answered quickly. She calmed down a bit and ordered: "NOW I allow you to **********. Just do it!" "But mom, I cannot do it again!" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! "You will!" "Y...yes, mommy!"

And now please imagine this situation: I'm standing in the bathtub, naked and wet, probably with red glowing hand prints on my face cheeks, my soft penis in my hand. My mother is standing in front of the tub, her arms folded across her chest. And I have to jerk off while she’s watching!
Of course it did not work! I could not even get it stiff. Mom was angry again, and already I was more slapped. Then she said: "Well, you do not want it differently, then you just get a massage prostate." First she gave me an enema, yet in the bathtub.
Shortly thereafter, I knelt on all fours on a towel on my bed - still wet and naked.
My sis had to sit before me and to "hold my mouth", which she squeezed of course and laughed about it. My mother put on rubber gloves, then she sat down behind me. Your middle finger penetrated deep into my ***, it was an indescribable feeling. You know, I often got enemas, but his was clearly different. "Just relax!" mom shouted and clapped on my buttocks. I tried, but it wasn’t easy. My eyes bugged out, my mouth opened automatically and involuntarily I stretched my tongue out far and began to groan.
I felt filled, used and abused at the same time. During the procedure I had to look at my smiling sister all the time, that was the most humiliating!
"Yet well, it works!" said my mother suddenly, then I finally realized that my penis was rock hard again. And shortly afterwards my ***** splashed on the towel. "Now he is milked!" my mother laughed and clapped on my right buttock. Also, my sister laughed. I felt like a helpless, defenseless and dumb cow. My face was hot and as red as poppies.
"He needs to cool off now!" said my mother, and ordered me to stand in the corner, hands on my head. After half an hour I could get dressed again, of course, I had to put on my penis harness first. Since then, I can neither my mother nor my sis see in her faces. I think, I can do it never again...

That was my first experience with a prostate massage.
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3 Responses Mar 23, 2012

Oh, wait... Is this a perverted fan fic? or some sort of creepypasta? Or are there people in this world with the souls of demons to actually do something as terrible as this?If yes, seriously people, in what part of the world are these practices normal!? D:

Your mother and sister must humiliate you through enemas, milking and taunting if you are to ever curb your masturbatory habits, though your harness is certainly a good way to make you wish your mother had never caught you wanking off like a naughty young teenager.

How exquisitely humiliating.