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On November 14, 2005 I posted my first review on Amazon as El Lagarto.  That was the birth of a persona, and an obsession.  The review was of Emergency! - the classic jazz fusion masterpiece by The Tony Williams Lifetime.  (Tony Williams on drums - John McLaughlin on guitar - Larry Young on organ.)  Absolutely amazing.  At the time it just seemed like a fun thing to do, keep my writing skills sharp, help guide people to unknown or undervalued gems.  That was 312 reviews ago.  As time went on my reviews - mostly film and music - became like minor essays, and I labored over them as carefully as I would a professional job or a book I was working on.  I tried to make each one entertaining in its own right.  In the process, I've earned some credibility.  Amazon ranks reviewers by positive or "helpful" votes received.  When I began, there were close to a million reviewers in front of me.  Now I am just about to become an Amazon "Top 1,000 Reviewer."  It's a great discipline, and a great way to reach a very large audience.  Hope you check them out.   
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4 Responses Aug 13, 2007

You see - I don't get paid for writing these things. I do it just to do it. So I do not feel any pressure to be fair, impartial, even-handed, or ob<x>jective. Will Smith needs roughing up. You should see what I do to people I REALLY don't like! :-)

A few of your reviews did make me rethink there viewing. funny how we can just get turned of by the title or short review on the cover. You did kind of have fun with pursut of happiness, gave it a different spin for me , wish I would have read you before seeing it.

I will share the one "dirty little secret" about writing reviews. It is much more fun to brutalize a work of art than to praise it. However, there is a special pleasure in leading people to wonderful, overlooked gems - films, CDs, books. The rule I use when I'm writing them is the rule I use for everything I do - if it bores me - it ain't good enough. The reviews are intended to be entertaining short essays in themselves.

To cool El, just got off the site, I will have to check a few of those flicks out you rated highly.