A Matter of Speaking

Well not quite. I didn't mean literally. But for a matter of speaking. So I go on this forces wife's website quite often and a lady wrote about if your husband is going to Afghanistan you need to know that there isn't any booze or **** permitted and that we are there to help them and if our men do these things then they will be treated in a harsh manor. Whatever they see fit. My response was it has all ways been this way. but in no case are they going to come and search the base. guys will bring there **** but keep it in there locker. Then I stated that my husband doesn't look at it because he doesn't like it and were Christians so we don't believe in it. Then she went off. I haven't served in the forces so I have no right to make comments and on and on. I was like wow. you wrote a forum and people comment back. What do you expect. I thought I had been put In a  wolves den to be eaten alive. I guess she must be getting sexually deprived for our freedom because she needs to get some right now. Lmao x

AmericanAngel04 AmericanAngel04
Mar 6, 2009