Just Need To Tell Someone.

I guess I don't really know where I'm goin' with this one. I guess I just need to get it off my shoulders. Well, I'm a virgin. But I act like a ****. No other way to put it. I sent plenty of nudies, I have given plenty of ********, but Idk why I do it. I mean, my heart's taken. I guess I feel like I am in love, regardless of if I am or not,I feel like I am. But I just got back from hanging ouut with my best friend and a guy.. I didn't do anything with this guy tonight except basically cuddle but in the past I've given him a hand job and a blow job. I sent a naked picture to one of my ex's brother. I have a story on it.. Also, I sent pictures to 9 other guys I can think of off the top of my head. I really don't want to stop being the way I am, but i really want Cody.<3 I would give all ofthis other stuff up for him in .2, but I can't have him, so I do this kind of thing.. Also, I think I have an eating disorder where when I get mad, sad, stressed, etc., i eat. Like a lot. ButIdk why I put this up, just needed it off my chest I guess.
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Because we used to talk but Homecoming night one of my "best friends" took his attention.. By telling him she wanted to have sex in public. And we talked for awhile after but now he ignores me and I guess talks to another girll.. But from what I hear all he talks about with her is sex, which half makes me feel good and half bad because when we talked there waas more than sex, more than just texting when he had a *****. It was more than just a "let's hookup". And half bad because regardless of what they're talking about, it still means he no longer wants me.

okay...from what I just read, Cody sounds like most guys, he's not interested in a relationship at this stage, he only wants to get his dic.k wet. The more you try to understand him and get close to him, the more hes just gonna not care, he seems like the type that will cheat on you, if he ever slightly gives in.

why cant you have Cody?