Took a While

Yes, I did manage to get Invisible Driving published.  Took 17 years, 4 literary agents, 6 total rewrites, every scrap of talent I had, emotional fearlessness I did not know I possessed, and a staggering amount of persistence and work, but I did publish it.  I'm sure yours will be much easier. 
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Mr. Cowbell: Thanks for your interest. You can read 4 chapters online at - after that I'm afraid the only option is purchasing a book made of paper from I am dreadfully old-fashioned!

You're welcome, El. It came straight from the heart. *points to avatar* See? :)

Nyxie - This review leaves me breathless, everything I hoped for when I sat down to write it, so long ago. Thank you so very much.

I read "Invisible Driving" this past weekend, and I'll tell you what I told ElLagarto, its distinguished left me stirred, shaken, and totally blown away. His story is alternately brilliant, savagely funny, poignant, terrifying and inspiring...a breathtakingly intimate trip into the grip of madness and back out again, finally, into the light. This one will stay with you, people. Get it, fasten your seatbelts, and go "Invisible Driving" with Mr. McHarg. It is a trip you will never forget.

17 years??!?!?!?! <br />
wowwww<br />
<br />
great job, I'm on the lookout at bookstores

Celainn. Thanks for checking out the reviews - I've been deeply touched by them. People are being entertained, but also, they're getting the deeper value on the book - that it really does shed light on Manic Depression in a unique way.<br />
<br />
And while we're on the subject of RAWKing - may I say of YOU what the brothers say when something is particularly choice, "She's all that and a bag of chips." :-)

Thank you so much, Moxie Survivor. You too have inspired me.

I finally caught up with myself. I told Legarto I was going to buy this book way last month after reading excerpts. He is definitely a talented writer. I ordered the book today from Amazon and am anticipating the good read I'm going to have! There are sites online that say you can write a book in 14 days - not one like this one! I wish it were as easy as that. I've been an avid reader all my life and know there's a book inside. But, I think it will take a lot of discipline which I have never had. Congrats, on your accomplishment A McHarg!

Trying to get your first novel published is like assertiveness training for the sensitive - you need a healthy appetite for abuse and rejection.

I'm glad you know that Brut. I'm not even at the break-even point yet.

I know you aren't money hungry, El. Have a great day!!!!!!!

My Dear WittyOne: I thought you'd never ask. Invisible Driving by Alistair McHarg - - Very Best Regards, El Lagarto

Congrats!! Can I get it through Amazon?

Thank you both so much! Yes, I'm very proud of the cartoons - they take a lot of work. I comb the internet for promising photos. The book is being very well received, you can see that in the Amazon reviews. Plus, a couple of days ago I picked up a really nice endorsement from Dr. Torrey, considered the leading expert on Bipolar Disorder in the country. He described it "one of the best books of its kind he's ever read." It's ironic - Brut - I am enjoying the dividends - but they're not financial. The dividend is that I'm reaching people in a way that can be helpful. Again, thanks to you both. El

Congratulations, El.<br />
And an endorsement...looks like your hard work paid off. <br />
Enjoy the rewards and dividends!!!

Lol, very funny the cartoons, where did you get all the images? gettys? It's my kind of humour as well, this should fill a few hours. Thanks for the recomendation.

Thank you for reading my brother. All true, all true - it's a memoir. I think Amazon might charge a lot for postage to New Zealand, I do have an Australian reader who just ordered it from them. You can use the "Contact Us" button on my website and I'll see if we can't hook you up inexpensively. Yes, I have two novels that are finished, polished, and ready to kick booty. I'll release the next book in '08 most likely, after this one is off the ground (only came out in January). Just today I got an outrageously positive endorsement from the nation's leading expert on Manic Depression, he's promoting it! I guess 17 years of hard work pays off. Thanks again for reading - Bro. Had no idea you were New Zealand - always wanted to go there. Have you been exploring the cartoons on my site? There are over 100, and a new one every day. All the best. El Lagarto

Had a look at the chapter-teasers online. Enjoyed the read, I would like to track down a copy but I guess it's available online and would be hard to find here in New Zealand?<br />
I can only hope mine is a little easier to get out there, hope... ah well. I have that same emotional fearlessness that should pull me through, the passion is great. <br />
Is it based on a true story? To be honest I need to read more of your stories and blogs, but it seemed very real and gritty, from experience. <br />
And I finally understood the words you made up, in the context it’s a very effective device.<br />
Congrats, anyways, you have other works in progress?