New Panties

One afternoon I was shopping for Jockey panties. One one of the lower racks were several styles that were being discontinued and on sale for $5.00. Jockey panties are so soft and comfortable. In fact one line is called "Comfies."

The associates at the Jockey Outlet store are wonderful. I asked to try them on and Marie opened the larger fitting room for me. I was wearing a dress so took off my shoes and sat on the bench in the fitting room to pull them on. I stood up and walked to the mirror to get a better view. Next thing I noticed was the panties were around my ankles. They weren't pulled down - gravity took care of that!
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What size where the panties?
I wear size6 and size 7 depends on the style...

wow I wish I culd seen


When I got my panties pulled down is was to have a strap applied to my bare bottom.

Too big.

Now that's something I'd have liked to see!!!! ;)

What a surprise! Let me get you a smaller size :)

Oh my!! Better drop down a size or two jml. Wouldn't want that to happen on the street.

So true Nita!

Or maybe you'd want them too! At the right time of course!