Getting My Period At School

All my guy teachers (all but one) have told all us girls that if we have our period and we really have to go to the bathroom because it really is an absolute emergency, we have to tell him it's a girl thing. A few of my guy teachers actually keep a record on the girl to make sure they're not lying. My female teacher (the one and only) specifically told everyone in my class that we have to use one of our hall passes unless it's our first time. And trust me, she's good: All my friend had to do was walk up to her and she had this strange look on her face (my friend) and my teacher was like " You just got your period for the first time, huh?" And my friend was like "ya how'd u know" and my teacher was like "just take one of these hall passes and here's a quarter for the machine in the bathroom." She keeps a jar of quarters on her desk because she never pays w/ change, always cash, so every eighth grader at my school knows they can go in there if they need 25 cents for anything, even lunch, but mainly it's used for the dispensers in the bathroom. She also includes a little bag for all the girls in the room with a pad, a tampon, $5 in quarters for the machine, 5 free hall passes, and instructions for how to use a pad and instructions for how to use a tampon. She's my English/History teacher, but I think she knows really well that a lot of us in her classes this year haven't started our periods. Yes, I know it's a little extreme, but the pouches just look like regular tiny pencil puches and they fit in a normal sweater or pants pocket. I think that's nice, cuz I haven't started yet but everyone says I'm gonna start soon. One girl in my class was doing a presentation for the library unit in PE, and just to prove how clueless guys are, she got her period for the first time while presenting, it was super heavy, she wasn't expecting it, had the same teacher I have for english/history, and left my teacher w/out an explanation although he didn't even guess she had gotten her period even though she had blood all over her pants. She got the pouch and went to the bathroom. I got my period during the end of school one day so I went to the teacher and instead of giving me my little bag she took a overnight pad out of her purse and gave it to meĀ 
pantypooper19 pantypooper19
18-21, F
May 22, 2012