Social Studies :(

its friday, im 13, in 8th grade, in the middle of social studies which was the last clas of the day and we were taking a quiz.. i felt my period coming out and i got up to put my quiz on the teachers desk and when i got back to my seat, there was a big stain of blood!!!! :( so it was the end of class and im sitting here in blood when the bell rings and all the students leave except for one.. it was a boy. he had need help with something and he saw it and asked what it was and i sai i spilt red ink from my pen and he told me to just leave it the way it was and i left now what am i supposed to say to teacher when i see him on monday ?!?!?!?! :( i was sooo embarrassed!! and i left real quick! what am i gonna say!!!!! :( :( :
aswindelll123 aswindelll123
2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

just tell him its a girl thing

Umm I'm sry thts bad luck...