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I was in my Chemistry class, sophomore year.  Earlier in the day, I didn't pay much attention to it since its normal to get wet. But then suddenly, I was feeling unusually moist down there...very moist.

I thought to myself, "****, I must be getting my period." I ask to go to the bathroom and I go. I check myself and damn, there was a lot of blood. I was bleeding profusely. It was a heavy period.

I panicked because it bled partly through my pants. To make matters worse, I didn't have any tampons or pads and there weren't any vending machines in the restroom. I wasn't prepared because I rarely get periods and they aren't that heavy. ****! So I decided to roll up a bunch of toilet paper and use that as a pad and I went awkwardly back to class. I had my sweater tied to my waist so my *** would be covered. 

Luckily, no one noticed the spot on my pants b/c it was there before my chemistry class and I had some money. I had lunch the next hour and bought some sweat pants at the bookstore to change into. The rest of that day sucked. I had to constantly use the restroom and change the toilet paper and see if it bled through my sweatpants. It was gross. I was glad to go home.

I learned my lesson after that. I always have pads or tampons on me now even though I still barely get any periods. 

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What happens if I get a surprise attack at school? I only have one male teacher but the female teacher I don't like or trust at all!

always keep track of your period because the school cant always supply u with pads and tampons I know this from experience because I leak a lot.

:0! Never know when mother nature visits :I