Milked By Nurse.

I had to go for a check because of some pain in my groin area. The nurse asked me to ***** and get up on the table. I did and she came back into the room when I was up on the table. The nurse came next to me and checked my balls and penis. She said that everything felt fine. After more conversation, stating that I felt pain when I was sitting, she said it probably my prostate. I was instructed to hop down and place my hands flat on the table. She said that she will need a sample of my prostate fluid to test. I was a bit nervous, and she said she will get the sample rectally and it may be uncomfortable, but just to try to hold on. Well, I ended up getting an erection and she saw it and said that "lets hope that little thing goes down" sorta under her breath, but I heard it. I saw her with a glass slide and she placed it in front of me and she said here we go. She stood next to me with her hand on my hip to hold me steady and before I knew it her finger was buried in my ***. As she was inside me she was starting to feel around, and then she said that she was going to start to put pressure on my prostate. When she said that she glanced down to check if I still was hard, and I was, which seemed to annoy her. I felt her knuckles pressing hard against my butt, and then pressure, which became uncomfortable. I whinned a bit and tried to move away a bit but she said hold on and held me steady. She kept checking my penis, and I felt her finger moving all over in my ***. I soon felt like I had to pee, and I said to her that I felt like I was going to pee. She said I am not going to pee, and she increased her sweeping side to side movement in my butt, and increased pressure too. She told me to take some deep breaths and said that it should not take much longer. Soon, she said that my penis is starting to leak, and to grab the slide. I was told to put the fluid on the slide by squeezing my penis to get it out. I did and she withdrew her finger and degloved. She took the slide and told me to wipe, and get dressed. After a few minutes in came another nurse and said I needed to give a urine sample. She handed me a cup and asked me to use the bathroom down the hall. When I stepped out there where other nurses and I heard them snickering when I walked past. I have a feeling they were told about me having a ***** and my lack of size to boot. She came back into the room after checking my sample and said everything looked fine. Come to find out, I must of pulled a muscle while at work. Did physical therapy and no more pain.
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That was a mean *****. How rude of her so what if yur not huge

Yeah this happened to me once too. I had a prostate infection and this very kind young oriental male doctor told me that he had to get a sample of my fluid. I had prostate exams before so him sticking his finger up inside of me was not unusual. He massaged me for a minute and he got a very large sample so that he needed a test tube and not a slide. I believe he know what would happen because he had that test tube ready. I later found out that if you have an infection you should not do that as you could pass the infection to other parts of the body. I was one very powerful sensation and I never forgot it. A couple of years later I tried it on myself with a lubricated round handle of a brush I had. It tapered down towards the brush and so it stayed in. Without touching myself I thrust my pelvis back and forth as if having intercourse. Within several minutes I has a great *******. I have been massaging the prostate ever since.

I tried massaging my boyfriends thing up inside his scrotum and also that little soft spot between his balls and his anus. I have tried pressing on it when he came also, it makes it more intense but was unable to make it stay in there ?? When i read this i had to try it all on him. I got my finger lubricated and found the prostate and massaged it while i jacked him off and he had a HUGE one, he went wild. It really works. I guess he will want it a lot more often now. I wish i could be a guy for a week or so i would love to feel what they feel. They are so easy to please, everything is out where you can get to it well and they are so open to experimenting, you just do it and find out what works, they are so simple. But it seems that it pleasures them SO much when you simply feel and massage their balls and penis but when you jack them or suck them or whereever you put it, they go wild with *******. They can't fake one because you see juice squirt out in bursts. Millions of babies in those baby makers and so vulnerable !!! I am absolutely crazy about getting my guy off.

I visited a woman who did something that had never happened to me before. While she was giving me a hand job, she very very smoothly slid her finger right up my ***! Before I realized what she was doing, there it was... right up my ***, just as easy as that! It felt great. I had never had a woman put her finger up my *** before ..oops except for a doctor woman, who gloved up and put her finger up my ***, and it was very uncomfortable, but this woman I mentioned first, well, she was really good at it; something tells me she had done that many times before! ... anyhow, it was really a pleasant feeling, and I had no complaints whatever! Some years later, I read about milking, and decided to try it myself. I tried using my finger, but no matter which finger I tried, I couldn't get any real results; couldn't feel like I was in the right spot, and didn't have that "have to pee" sensation, so I got one of those prostate massager things, and I got two different sizes. Neither size seemed to milk my prostate, but it was fun playing with! So, I got my ice cream scoop (it had the friendliest looking handle of anything I could find to try, I wrapped it in plastic wrap (didn't like the idea of the ice cream scoop handle actually being in my ***, so I at least wrapped it in plastic wrap)... and then moved it around in my ***, and found a spot that created that "have to pee" sensation, and yes, I got some fluid to come out. It was a strange sensation. It felt nice in a way, but it was no way near as exciting as having an orga$m. But it was different, and so I had to do it several more times. Also, at least a couple times, after doing this milking thing with the ice cream scoop handle, I wanted to see if I got all the fluids milked out. I brought myself to orga$m, and there was more fluid to come out, so I definitely didn't get all the fluid out of my body. While I'm thinking about this, it reminds me of something I read... "...(if you press on your body in the right spot, there will be no ********* when you have an orga$m. you press between the scrotum and the rectum. at the time of orga$m. press and hold during the orga$m. if you press too far one way, the ********* goes into the bladder, and you may notice it next time you urinate; if you press in just the right spot, they say the body's precious fluids are preserved, and you retain all the bodily energy that you would have "wasted" by *********** it out of your body)..." ... at least that is what I read, so I tried it... and guess what! ... it worked! ... I had a really good orga$m (did I mention that it said that the orga$m would be much more intense, and would seem to last much longer?) ... well, it was really great from what I can remember... I'll have to try that again; I'd forgotten about that! yes, and there was no fluid expelled from my body during the orga$m. If, however you remove your finger from pressing on that soft spot between scrotum and rectum before the pulsating throbbing has stopped, there will be some fluid coming out of your p3nis. It's worth investigating. :)

Interesting. Sometimes I wish I was a guy.

Guys are so interesting. I was told it was a little spot that was softer than the other part of the penis root, right in the middle. I found it and pressed during my friends ******. His eyes rolled back into his head and he made funny noises. I saw his testicles draw back real hard and one went inside him. I tried something else the next time. I squeezed his testicles one at a time then rolled each one around to make the pain go away, over and over. I squeezed just hard enough to make his belly muscles tighten up. Then after about 1/2 hour I got him off. This made his balls real tender and sensitive to my massaging them. He had a mind blowing ****** from it and after he came I gave one final squeeze real hard and then he doubled over. The squeeze afterwards destroyed him. I learned that when guys are excited they can take more, but after coming and sensitizing them like this they become super tender. I plan to use this as a date rape self defense. ha ha This guy tried to force himself on me once and I got friendly and massaged his balls for a while then without warning I squeezed one full force. He curled up and started coughing, he was unable to move, he passed out as I kept squeezing it. I just walked away and he slept, ha ha. This squeeze turned him off like a light switch, balls are magical things.

Wow i bet that ice cream tasted like **** ? Ha Ha ! I am very interested in what you were saying about the prostate and milking it, i did try that with great results and i could feel the prostate very good. I noticed that he puckered and gripped my finger ha ha when he came and it was a very very hard one. I want to know more about that secret spot under his balls. I did notice that his thing is super long (wow) when you trace it down (under his ball bag) and on down towards his butt. It is so long !!!!!!!! If all that was available it would go all the way to my throat !! TELL ME MORE??

Fantastic story. Where do I sign up to get an exam like that? I'm dying to give a nurse my sample!