The Best Sex Ever!

I had my first Prostate Milking recently. I recently read about it and wanted to try it so I did, oh boy I’m hooked! He was giving me oral sex when he put his finger up my ***, this was nothing new but he left his finger up there, started rubbing my prostate while up my ***, that part was new. I felt like I had to pee but to my surprise I started leaking *** everywhere. It was one of the best feelings ever. It didn’t end there. He started licking the *** up and he got soo excited. The next thing I knew his **** was up my *** and it felt so incredible, I started ******* again. He threw me on my back and started ******* me so hard and just went to town, I came again only this time I was screaming with pleasure for about 5 minutes. He came so hard our bodies where thrashing all over the place. We had *** everywhere! We rested for about two minutes and he was still hard and started ******* me again. I thought there is no way I could possible *** again. We ****** in every position possible. He was ramming his **** in me so hard, it felt so incredible. He kept his **** buried in my *** and I could feel his **** pulsating. He said I’m going to **** you all day as hard and as fast as I can. He just kept saying how he loved my *** as he was ******* me. He started with some moaning then started screaming with pleasure. He said I’m ******* again up your sweet *** take it, take it and I did. I came again with another ****** my **** felt like it was going to explode, it pretty much did with more *** gushing out everywhere. We slept for 12 hours, got up and he started on me again......
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I'm a top and stay hard after I ***. LOVE ******* guys 7 or 8 times in a session, trouble is finding a dude who can take it.

hmmm. sounds intriguing. =^p

I'd love to try this! Sounds fantastic.

that is so hot. I love how he kept going on you. so hot how you take it after ******* and then keep *******.

HOLY ****. This is such a hot story!!!! I have to say, I hear of very very few people like me. In this story I read about two. lol. I'm a top and am just like the guy in your story. If you let me, I just can't help but take you over and over. Love to hear about people that have that in common with me!!!
Waiting eagerly for your next story!!!

I've done this to people, especially when I am very attracted and interested in them, but sadly no one has ever been able to do it to me. Maybe one day. (I'm Top vers. Don't bottom often, but it happens on occasion.)

lol. oh yeah?

wow!! sounds like one incredible experience. id love to have that done to me.

i want to so bad. any tips would be appreciated

Hot man!!! Thanks!!!

Anal and prostate message is so sensual to me