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I Knocked Up My Sis!

I began living with my sister Ellie when I was 25 and she was 23. She had already been married and divorced twice and we told people we were childhood sweethearts who had married. We were 1200 miles from home and we wore wedding rings and no one doubted us.

After 4 years together we weren't getting along and we moved into a 2-bedroom apartment.

She came down with a bad case of the flu. She'd just started a new job and didn't want to miss a week of work so she went to a doctor.

I came home that evening and she was still in her bed but feeling better. She pushed back the blankets and showed me her puss, she was ************, and she told me I could "put it in." We rarely screwed, it had probably been a year since I'd had my tail, which is tiny, in her love hole. I ate her out really good and when I got between her legs she said I could "go all the way," which meant I could come in her.

She was on the pill and we felt the taboo against relationships like ours was really about having children, but it made us uncomfortable for me to squirt in her, I usually finished myself off or came in her ***. I've always remembered our honeymoon, in a motel room in Nebraska, being between her legs and looking into her eyes and coming inside her. It thrilled me to do it and to think I was going to be doing that all the time, but in all those years together I doubt that I went "all the way" in her more than 20 times.

The next day she told me my "hot beef injection" had cured her and she was ready to go back to work. It had also healed what was keeping us apart and for the next couple weeks we shared her bed and we were happy together.

About 2 months later she told me she was pregnant and it was mine. I didn't believe her, she cheated on me all the time, but she swore I was the only guy she'd been with. What made me finally believe her was that she went back to the doctor and told him her brother was the father and she wouldn't have done that if it wasn't true. Apparently the antibiotic he'd given her for her flu had cancelled the effects of her birth control pills.

She'd had 2 abortions before we were married and she'd told me many times she wouldn't do that again, even though the doctor recommended it.

We got along better than we had in a long time. There are stories about weird cravings pregnant women get, like pickles and ice cream. A girlfriend once told me when her sister was preggers she liked to lick lumps of coal. With Ellie it was *****. Although our love life usually consisted of me licking and sucking her **** while I jacked off she almost never blew me but she was milking my balls dry whenever she could. Even back in high school I was a Johnny One-Squirt, I could only do it once a day, but she was sucking me off first thing every morning, when I got home from work, and at bedtime. She was also blowing guys at her job. One evening she brought home 2 of them and they were nervous about my "wife" sucking them off. I was deeply in the closet but she told them I was a queer and I told them we had an "understanding" and it was okay. They each made 2 trips into her bedroom with her.

She had a pretty easy pregnancy and I enjoyed it, we were really close and for a change she let me be protective of her. Every now and then it occurred to me I was an idiot who had knocked up his sister but we accepted it. When I was 15 and she was 13 I attempted to corn hole her in the shower, we weren't hillbillies but where we grew up if you were going to **** your sister anal was the acceptable and respectful way to do it and I was thrilled that she let me. A few weeks later she told me she had missed her period, I hadn't done it in her "corn," I'd been in her cuntie, and she was preggers. She was going to kill herself and I said I would, too, before Dad found out and killed me, and we discussed how we were going to do it, diving off the roof of our house. Then a couple hours later she told me her period had started, it was just late, but that was the end of our sexual activities for about 5 years. It took me a long time to get over that one. I'd knocked up my sister while I thought I was getting her poop on my weenie, we were going to die, then, oh, never mind, false alarm, and what on earth was that all about?

Our baby was born normal, no problems, and she had only a glimpse of it, she arranged in advance to put it up for adoption and apparently they don't allow new mothers like that to even breast feed it once because they change their minds. It was a boy.

She felt she had made a mistake by giving it up, we were expecting it to have 2 heads and 3 eyes and feet for hands, but when that didn't happen she wished she'd kept it.

After a lot of discussion we decided to do it again. Another one of those unforgettable moments, looking into her beautiful green eyes while I planted my seed on her unprotected ovaries on purpose. For several months we were happier than we'd ever been, planning a future, but she didn't get pregnant again. She then tried it with other guys, including a black teenager she met at a mall, but nothing happened.

We went from being happy to being miserable, back to sleeping in separate rooms, and that was really what broke us up after 5 years together. She went on to marry again but never had another child.

She has been gone now for 20 years, but every now and then it occurs to me I might someday get a phone call or a letter from my son.

Weewilliewanka Weewilliewanka 61-65, M Nov 23, 2013

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