Third Time's a Charm

I've pierced my tongue three times.  The first time I could only keep it in for about 24 hours and the pain and the swelling were just too much.  The second time I made it to about 72 hours.  Finally, on the third time I had about a dozen vicodin on hand and would just take a half of one when I needed too.  After about a week the swelling went down and I was fine from there on in.  If I ever get some more I'm going to do a second one in front of the current one.
midlifechaos midlifechaos
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1 Response Feb 25, 2008

I actually take it out to eat. I use a straight barbell and usually just leave the underside ball off. Then I can slip the barbell in and out quite easily when I want to. I did that even when the piercing was fresh. I don't know if that's recommended though; I do have some scar tissue on the underside that could be caused by the frequent insertions.