I Got Mine Done When I Was 14.

I had just turned 14 and talked my mother into letting me get it pierced! It wasn't painful whatsoever, until it swelled twice its size and I couldn't eat anything but applesauce for two weeks and lost 15 pounds hahaha. And I talked like an idiot. Well worth it though! I think its so cute! I've almost had it done two years now and have no regrets.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

LOL wow....2x original size?!?! >< Well...would be 'smaller' back then, I just got mine done 2weeks ago!^^ Timing was finally right. Have a job at the moment that doesn't care and is before I go to any major interviews. Phews~! xD So glad I finally got it done...mine swelled a lil bit...but enough to talk liek a invalid for sure for a couple days and week later it nearly normal now. ...but the lil crater-esque thingy....kinda freaked me out NO ONE told me it would do that and NOTHING online I read said it would look like one lol Went tothe piercer thinking I needed a longer bar. but then...next day it went down by Alot. Go figure xD