When I Was Young

when i was younger i had kept getting sore throts at frist the doctores didnt know what was wrong it wasnt untill i was 6 i think it was

they saw i had to get my tonsils taken out or else i wouldnt be able to talk anymore not that i talked alot when i was a kid anyway lol

i still remember the whole thing the doctore was telling me a storie about a mouse and some cheese

the gas made me feel like i was floating i wish i could get more of that stuff lol

well when i woke up i was freaked out i didnt know where i was i didnt see my mom so it was kind of scary for me at that age

but it all worked out for the best even though i still have problems sometimes it gets hard for me to talk but thats about it i really dont get sore throts any more and only lost my voice once in my life after that so i guess it worked out good

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
Mar 2, 2010