First Time Making My Girlfriend Expose Herself!

Me and my girlfriend decided to go for a drive last night and I told her to be the driver and hit the highway. As we got on the highway I started to undo her top and pulled her **** out. She was nervous but loving it all at the same time. I asked her to pull down her pants so i can have better access to her soaking wet ***** and she complied. With the vibrator connected I started to touch her like crazy making her go insane and the vibrator dead set on her ****. The fact that she had to concentrate on the road was killing her. After making her *** once I was so turned on I needed to start sucking on her nipples. After sucking on the right one (closer to me) I lifted my head up and a car to the right of us stuck his hand out the window and gave us a thumbs up! My girlfriend loved every second of it and cant wait to do it again! I made her *** one more time before exiting the highway to a secluded parking lot to have some fun. On the way home I ordered her to be the passenger and she was allowed to *** as many times as she could before reaching my house but she had to stay completely naked. After ******* 3 times we reached our exit into the city and we were home. What a great night and cant wait to go for another drive!
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Jan 5, 2013