Accidentally Stuck In Mud

This past month the weather has been exceptional here in the Midwest so I decided this past weekend to take my dog down to the lakefront for a walk Sunday morning.  After church service, I got the Sadie, my pit bull into the car and drove down to the park. It had rain here late last week so we decided to head down to the beach for the walk.  It would be better, just sand and water. Everything was perfect, a gently lake breeze, cool temperatures, no other dogs or people.  I took Sadie off the leash and she was running around happy as could be. 

We had walked some distance when Sadie saw something and took off up the bluffs along the lake.   I called her back while chasing her but she kept going up the bluff. “Oh, great” I said.  “Now I’ll have to go after her.”  So I looked for a place to climb up the bluff.  I noticed an area that had slumped due to the rain and it appeared to be somewhat dry and had a gentle slope.   I was still in my church clothes that consisted of high heel boots, skirt, blouse, and spring trench coat. 

As I hurried up the slope the heels started to sink slightly into the mud.  I hesitated and looked around for another path in the area but it was wooded and much steeper so I decided to continue.  I kept calling out to Sadie but she didn’t return but I could hear her barking, she was very close to me.  The ground became more firm so I continued.  I was sure that I would get to the top without any problem. 

Then after several more steps my heels sank more into the mud.  The mud became thicker making it harder to walk. My heels pierce into the mud like a knife. It was difficult to pull each boot from it.  I was three quarters up the bluff when my boots began to sink into a pool of deep mud.  “****” was my comment. Each boot was half-way submerged.  I pulled my right boot out and upon doing this I noticed that my left boot had sunk deeper, almost up to the top of the boot.  Not wanting to get dirty I carefully reached down to pull my left boot out when I fell backwards onto my ***.  “Sadie you dog” I thought.  I called out to her again and saw her at the top looking down at me.  “Stay Sadie” I said. I stood up and started to pull the left boot out and discover that the right boot was beginning to sink back into the mud. 

I picked it up and placed it ahead of me and leaning forward quite a bit started pulling on the left boot.  When I got it out my right boot had sunk into the mud. “Okay” was my reply to the situation and looked for a spot where I could put the freed boot. There turned out to be no good spot so forward I went.  With each step my boots sank into the mud. I was starting to get tired from struggling when I fell suddenly forward into the mud.  “****!” I shouted out. Both boots were stuck and now my hands were in the mud.  I pulled them out and shook the mud off of them. 

I looked down only to see that the mud was past the top of my boots.  I started to panic.  I looked around for something to grab and help me out.  There was nothing.  I franticly started to pull on each leg.  Each time I pulled it seemed the mud was pulling back.  It felt like I was stuck in cement.  The mud was so thick and merciless.  I was getting muddier and muddier; my coat, skirt and arms. I was fatigued from struggling.  I thought about calling for help but my pride and embarrassment kept me from shouting out for help. 

I was now mad and drained from fighting with the mud.  I figure if I quickly move both boots in running motion I could loosen the mud and pull myself free.  So I started shifting my weight from side to side pressing down on ball and heel of my boots as quickly as possible, only to feel the mud move up past my knees. The narrow shafts of my boots were digging deeper into the mud. “Noooo” I cried out.  I was in deeper and felt helpless.  I pulled and pulled on each leg but to no avail.  I was so stuck! Screw the embarrassment and pride I thought. “Help me” I called out.  “Someone please help me” I called out again. No response, only Sadie lying down at the top of the bluff. 

After pulling and tugging on each leg, I decided to dig my way out. So I lifted my skirt and dug into the mud with my hands. “Yuck” and “Gross” I said quietly.  I tossed the mud to the side and continued down deeper and deeper.  The depth of the mud seemed endless.  I dug on until I was able to get down far enough to free each boot.  I was so cover in mud and I still had to get to the top of the bluff. 

I came to the decision that if I continued to walk up the bluff that I would get stuck again, over and over. I was running out of strength to fight with the mud.  So I crawl on my hands and knees to a spot not to far from me that was out of the slump and somewhat wooded.  I was totally exhausted, embarrassed and muddied.  When I got to the top I hooked Sadie back on the leash and told her “Bad dog! Look at what happen to me!”  I took off my trench coat and we walked to the car.  I could barely walk. I had enough for one day.  We drove home where I clean my clothes (as best I could), my car seat, took a shower had a large cup of green tea and sat quietly on the couch.  What a day!

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5 Responses Mar 26, 2012

I always enjoyed this story. Funny, I had a mud experience with my dog this summer as well. Any more recent stories like this one you had?

I know that wasn't a good experience for you but I love reading your story. I wish I was that hot guy there to help you.

Wow thats a tremendous story thank you for sharing x i got my boots stuck in mud once and my heels stuck in a drain which led to me meeting a very hot guy lol x

Thanks, and I which I could meet a hot guy like you did.

great! love to see girls get their heels muddy!

Fantastic story!